24 - 06 - 2018

Agartala flood many unanswered questions

Every times we are speaking of our own problems. We have celebrated our 70th independence last month. There is a common phrase introduced in the books "Unity in Diversity" representing that we are living in a Nation across the entire world, which represents India is a nation of diverse cultures and traditions.

The text books of most of the schools depicts the tales of the indigenous people of the North Eastern states of India and their livelihood their cultures------ but who knows about the present scenario prevailing in this small hilly state.

Tripura is merged under the neck height water of continuous rainfall. The two major Rivers of the state, Gomati and Howarh are flowing above their danger level flooding the whole state which results in the massive destruction of property. Floods due to incessant rain left nearly 6000 people marooned across the state. The most worst hiting places in the state with unprecedented water logging in the residential areas and roads. Normal life has been paralyzed in Agartala as many areas of the town were waterlogged due to incessant rain. Movement of the people and the vehicles came to a  halt, many shops were closed and attendances in the government offices, banks and schools and colleges were also less due to water logging.

 The center is closely monitoring the rescue and relief operation in the flood affected Tripura, where the NDRF personnel have been rushed to assist the state administration. Union Minister of the state for Home Affairs Kiren Raji ju stated that "we are in touch with our teams". He added that one team of the National Disaster Response Force was mobilized from Agartala for Ashram chowmuhani colony Village in the West Tripura District. The NDRF personnels moved to the the villages in the West tripura District for rescue operations. Over 1000 families were counted as flood - affected victims and two persons were injured in different parts of Tripura following the incessant rainfall occurred for past few days.

According to the latest official reports more than 70 houses from 49 villages were fully or partially damaged in the flood and cyclone. Many electrical posts were damaged and trees were uprooted. However unofficial sources claimed the loss is much higher. Nearly 1072 families were affected due to the flood till evening. The figure of the flood affected victims and damaged properties are increasing according to the final report from the official from Disaster Management cell. The most affected areas today are five wards  of Agartala Municipal corporations two villages from Dukli Block, four villages from Hezamara, five villages from Mohanpur block in West tripura, parts of    Amarpur block in Gomati district, 17 Villages of khowai municipal Council, 8 Villages of Kalyanpur block, four villages from Teliamura block.

 All the flood affected victims are shifted to the relief camps set up in the different affected areas and were provided with food supplies. The meteorological Department said nearly 182.3mm rainfall recorded in these four days.    Every year Tripura is facing the same problem but this year it is the most worst flood hitter state through out the country. Now I  the reign of social media, this scenario has become a burning point of discussion, opposition, criticism, bureaucratic concern, but the problem is  not solved by all these arguments, problem is rooted deeply and it will be a merely foolish talks if we keep on criticizing the government or trying to point out the drawbacks, but there are some existing defects in the system.

 The political leaders are merely attracting the public attention with the media persons on one hand frequently visiting the flood striken areas, they are observing the effects not only one year but years after years, the scenario is like that only but no proper measures are taken to put an end of the present scenario of the flood.  Can't we have the developmental projects which can stop this havoc destruction? Can't we stop this beforehand then there would have been no question mark on the efficacy of the political leaders????    Disaster has become a suffix for capitalism. But why? Who is responsible for this massacre????? Continuous and controversial talks will not give a productive result nor give a long-term or permanent solution. Doesn't it affecting the economic growth??? "

 According to the sources the state has incurred a loss of 121 crores in the last few months in West tripura, knowai, and Sepahijala districts state revenue departments officials mentioned.     As per  the official statistics, the government had started 87 relief camps where 10659 families were sheltered twice during floods. Officials said that 92houses were fully damaged and 3000partly damaged in the flood. The government has been providing Rs 95,000 to the houses that are fully damaged, Rs 50,000 to those severely damaged and Rs 30,000 for partly damaged houses.                                                                  Now question is that why to spend this huge amount in giving relief. Had this amount spent before and utilized for proper developments off the drainage system then the people of the state won't have to suffer to such an extent. 

Written by Bidisha Mazumder