18 - 03 - 2018

Gujarat election is moral defeat for BJP, says Mamata

KOLKATA, Dec 18, 2017 : Gujarat election result is the moral defeat of BJP, said chief minister Mamata Bannerjee.In a tweet she said, “I congratulate Gujarat voters for their very balanced verdict at this hour.It is a temporary and face-saving win, but it shows a moral defeat for BJP.Gujarat voted against atrocities, anxiety and injustice caused to the common people. Gujarat belled the cat for 2019”


Maradona arrives in Kolkata

KOLKATA, Dec 10, 2017: Football legend “ Hand of God”   Diego Maradona arrived in Kolkata Sunday evenining for three day visit.

Maradona,  arrived in Kolkata after nine years. On Monday noon he will meet cancer partients at Shri Bhoomi  sporting club. Evening he will go to Rajarhaat sports museum.

 On Tuesday he will play a friendly football match at Barasaat – Dada versus Diego  team.       

DA: West Bengal govt to announce soon

KOLKATA, Dec 7, 2017: Good news for employees of West Bengal government. Very soon government will announce the pending DA. This was stated by government counsel in court today while the case of DA came up for hearing.

The state government employees was fighting a long legal battle for pending DA. There was state wide protest, even after assurance of chief minister Mamata Bannerjee nothing was done. For speedy disposal of case employee organization filed a petition on   4 Decemeber.

The government counsel Kishoe Dey said very soon the government is going to announce the pending DA. But when it will be announced the counsel did not mention.

“Super Moon” on Sunday night

KOLKATA, Dec 2 (TVN): Tomorrow on Sunday,  city dwellers  will witness a rare phenomenon. Again they will see big moon which is better known as “ Super Moon”. This will be seen on Sunday night sky.

Super moon  size is bigger  from normal moon. Astronomers say the size is 14 percent more than normal moon.  The brightness of super moon increases by 30 percent. This is the  first and last super moon of this calendar year.

The last super moon was seen  12 December,2016.     

G D Birla: Enquiry committee formed on report of sexual assault

KOLKATA, Dec 1: State government  ordered enquiry on alleged report of sexual assault by two teachers of G D Birla school. The girl student is  four years old. A three member committee was formed by Madhya Shiskha Parsihad.

Education minister Partha Chatterjee termed the allegation as barbarbic if found guilty exemplary punishment should be given to the accused teachers. Even though the school is not under state government   board but its duty of the government to enquire the incident. For this a three member committee was formed.

G D Birla School is located in Ranikhuti at South Kolkata. Sources in school and local said on Thursday when mother came school to for taking her daughter studying in nursery was crying. At first she did not take it seriously. She said, “ I thought there might some quarrel with classmates, but after changing clothes there was blood stain on clothes. My daughter could  not say what had happened”

Parents of the daughter took her to their family doctor. The doctor said its case of sexual assault not any infection and advised them to take  police station. At first they went to Bashdrone police station, than at Jadavpur police station. For medical test the victim was taken to SSKM hospital.  There the victim told her parents what had happened. It is alleged that the PT teacher sexually assaulted her in toilet.    

After registering of case police have started investigation. The accused PT teacher did not come to school on Friday. Three years back similar incident of sexual assault was reported in the same school by a  non teaching staff. That time school authority assured of installation of CCTV camera’s in school. But parents claim still date it was not done. Serious resentment is brewing among the guardians after the incident.   

Rupee 1 completes 100 years

KOLKATA, Nov 30: One rupee note completed hundred years. The British government on 30 November, 1917 launched the rupee.  Photo of King George V was  printed in  Rupee 1 that time.

Second World War was the reason for starting the currency note. Due to war  the British government unable circulate  to silver coin started it.

This is the only note which is printed by central government. Does not bear the signature of Reserve Bank governor but the  signature of finance secretary.  It is not a promised   note only a currency note.

The first Rupee 1 had signature of three finance secretaries of British government. They were – MMS Gobbay, SC Markwatts and H Danning.