18 - 03 - 2018

Post Poll Violence’s Worries CPI (M)

AGARTALA, March 18, 2018 (TVN): CPI (M) claimed that in Tripura post poll violence’s has not stopped and rule of law yet to be established.

Addressing a press meet CPI (M) spokesperson Gautam Das on Saturday said BJP have unleashed a reign of terror across the state by threatening party leaders and workers, demanding hefty amounts besides burring houses and party offices.

Das also informed a team of CPI (M) leaders have visited several places in Kowai district to see the affected families and areas.       

Sunil Deodhar given heroic welcome in Maharasthra

AGARTALA, March 16, 2018 (TVN):BJP minder of Tripura, Sunil Deodhar have been given heroic welcome in his home state Maharashtra. The main architect of BJP win in the state is  being  felicitated all over  his home state.

Everywhere audiences throw questions to him for narrating  his success story, how was it possible to make BJP win in such a short of period of time that also against an organized cadre based  party CI(M).

Addressing   all functions organized to honour him , he said by gaining  confidence of indigenous people of Tripura  win over CPI(M) made easier. The indigenous people who were deprived years after years under the rule of CPI(M) thought BJP as their messiah.

He said the same people once  were prime vote bank of CPI(M), after working tirelessly for last three years  visited each and every ‘paras’ . They also open heartedly shared their problems and  negligence by CPIM party whom they trusted so much.

After hearing their grievances, BJP leaders assured them of standing beside them. By this we won the confidences of indigenous people and it was reflected by winning 18 seats out 20 reserved for them.

Sources informed  Sunil Deodhar  is coming to state on Saturday.After Biplab Deb becoming chief minister the responsibility of running the pradesh BJP on track now falls on him.          

Mafias, Opportunists Fast Taking Control Of……….

AGARTALA, March 16,2018 (TVN): Twenty five years long rule of CPI(M) in Tripura have given rise to mafia raj, land mafia etc in state. People wanted end to mafia raj and change of government. CPI(M) was thrown out of power hoping new BJP government will end the mafia raj and goonda raj from the state.

 It’s too early to say for a government which is only seven days old. But if the anti – social elements are not dealt with iron fist from very beginning than it will be too late for BJP government to control them.

As per report across the state with change of government the strategy of mafia raj also changed. Those mafias who were active for last twenty five years went to hibernation but new born mafias and anti social elements with change of government are taking their place. Not only that those anti socials during the time of CPI(M) is now trying to hold their ground by  negotiating  huge amount of money to new born ones.

All hubs of mafias in the state are now slowly coming under the control of new born one’s. In some cases old one’s are managing them by negotiating with them for huge amount money. The hub includes in capital’s  Gool Chakkar, Bodhjung Nagar industrial estate and Jirania railway station.It is alleged that some IPFT new born one’s is trying to grasp hold of Jirania rail station. The situation of capital and its adjoining areas is first going out of control.

Now the question is do the elected representatives do not know or notice  the fast changing scenario. Chief minister Biplab Deb after taking oath issued stern warning against the mafia’s and anti social elements that all will dealt with sternly for providing good governance  and rule of law  in the state.

But with change of government the opportunist is showing as if they are true BJP loyalists and for them 25 years long rule of CPI(M) ended. Those opportunists are trying to show as if they are everything for the party.

If this trend of is not stopped immediately with iron fist than the days are not far when people will raise fingers at  Biplab Deb government.                 

Biplab Deb’s Janata Darbar to be held thrice a week

AGARTALA, March 16,2018 (TVN): Chief minister  Biplab Deb  will hold janata darshans thrice a week. Every week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday chief minister will meet the public.

 On Wednesday and Saturday from 8 am to 9 am morning in chief minister present residence. On Friday public  can meet chief minister in secretariat conference hall from 10 am to 12 noon.In secretariat along with chief minister there will be chief secretary and others officials of various departments.

Its mentionable here that former chief minister Manik Sarkar also used to meet public thrice a week in his official residence. But meeting public in secretariat is new initiative of the present chief minister.

New Tripura MLAs Take Oath In Assembly

AGARTALA, March 15, 2018 (TVN):Fifty-nine  newly-elected legislators of the  Tripura  Assembly on Thursday took the oath of office and secrecy as members of 12th Assembly..

Senior leader Ratan Chakraborty, who on Wednesday was  sworn in by Governor Tathagata Roy as the pro-tem Speaker, administered the oath to the newly elected legislators.

All members of treasury and opposition members took oath except deputy chief minister Jishnu Dev Barma.He will take oath tomorrow.  

Chief Minister Biplab Deb, former chief minister Manik Sarkar also took oath.

In the Assembly elections held in 60 seats, the BJP won 36, IPFT 8 and CPIM 16 seats. CPI(M) who was in power for 25 years will seat in opposition bench. Manik Sarkar former chief minister is appointed as leader of opposition.      

Police Raides Santirbaazar CPIM office

SANTIRBAAZAR, March 15, 2018 (TVN): Police on Wednesday raided the local and divisional office of CPI(M) in Santirbazaar. From both office police recovered rods, lathis, knives and Rs 69 cash.

First raid was conducted in the divisional office from there large quantities of iron rods. OC Narayan Saha said after getting complain of arms hidden in both  offices police conducted raid.  

Meanwhile  yesterday CPI(M) gave deputation to police DG demanding immediate stopping  of search operation in party offices. In the deputation it was demanded to take suo motto case against burning of party offices and provide security to those who left homes after post poll violence.