24 - 06 - 2018

Education collapsed in govt schools

SABROOM, Sept 04, 2017 (TVN): Education system has totally broken in the government schools of Sabroom . Education system in most of the government schools of Sabroom subdivision is doomed into complete darkness.

 There are two old prestigious schools in Sabroom one is the Sabroom H. S and another Sabroom Girl's school. It was the time of NripenChakraborty and SudhirRanjan Majumder when these two schools were at the peak of their achievements in field of education.

There were requisite teachers and the schools  were out of the reach of all political shades. Now time has come when the political workers of the ruling party are forcing the school students to gather in the political rally.

It's the reign of CM Manik Sarkar where education in almost all the government schools of Sabroom subdivision is collapsed. The qualified teachers are transfered and the so called political blessings feeded teachers have accompanied their positions in the schools years after years doing nothing for the sake of the students.