25 - 05 - 2018

HC showcauses govt on recruitment policy of SW & SE dept

AGARTALA, September 6, 2017 (TVN):High Court division bench of chief justice T. Vaipei and justice S. Talapatra have issued show cause notice to state government and advocate general  challenging the recruitment process of 1000 posts in social welfare and social education department.

Anganwadi  workers and helpers association  filed the writ petition in high court stating the recruitment process of 1000 posts in the department is illegal the madhyamik passed anganwadi workers and helpers could not apply for the early childhood co – ordinator  post .

Around 20000 anganwadi workers and helpers was deprived from applying for the post by making three years teaching experience  compulsory from any government schools. The anganwadi workers and helpers have been working with 0 – 6 years child for years and gained experience on child immunizations, health care, nutrition etc, But they are not eligble for applying for the post.Whereas, those who are inexperience in this field are eligble for applying for the post of early childhood co – oridnator.

In argument on Tuesday, advocate general BB Das  said  anganwadi workers can get promotion as supervisor replying to this advocate for writ petitioner said years after years anganwadi workers and helpers are working without getting permanent. Even 2 percent among 20000 workers and  helpers  do not get promotion as supervisior.

After hearing both sides, the division bench issued notice on the writ petition, however the appeal for staying the recruit process was declined.