11 - 12 - 2018

Tripura Elections: Many candidates are crorepati

AGARTALA, Feb 3,2018 (TVN): Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar  is getting poor year after year. It is evident from the affidavit submitted for 2018 assembly election.

His bank balance and cash in hand amounts to Rs 3930. The whole nation is discussing about  poor chief minister Manik Sarkar.

The affidavit says he does not pay income tax returns, no cars,etc. His wife Panchali Bhattacherjee is retired central government employee.

Her bank balance is Rs 12 lakh 15 thousand and 741. Besides she have 888.35 square foot of land here in Krishna Nagar.

For constructing a flat Panchali Bhattacherjee invested Rs 15 lakh after completion the cost will be Rs 20 lakh.

Chief Minister is getting poorer and poorer, but other Left Front candidates are not poor. Almost all are corepatis.

Not only Left Front candidates many opposition party candidates are crorepatis, say the affidavit submitted by them with nomination papers.

Amal Chakraborty  CPI(M) candidate for Banamalipur is not government employee. His bank balance and cash in hand is Rs 5 lakh, 14 thousand and 213.

His wife is government employee having Rs 22 lakh, 93 thousand and 246. Besides she is having property worth Rs 12 lakh, 50 thousand.

State BJP president Biplab who is also contesting from Banamalipur have property worth Rs 47 lakh, 56 thousand and 595.  And his bank officer property is Rs 25 lakh 48 thousand and 195. She is also having immovable property   of Rs 65 lakh besides booking three flats one at Noida and two Faridabad.

In the affidavit Biplab Deb and his wife mentioned of giving income tax of Rs 2 lakh 99 thousand 290 hundred  and  Rs 9 lakh, 01 thousand and 910 for year 2016 – 17.  

Congress candidate from the same constituency Gopal Roy is no less from them. He is having property of worth Rs 87 lakh, 40 thousand and 782.

Among the ruling party MLAs Madhav Saha is the front runner. In affidavit he mentioned property worth including cash and bank balance of Rs 81 lakh 83 thousand 354. His wife is owner of Rs 49 lakh.

Rajya Sabha MP and CPI(M) candidate Jharna Das  is also corepati.  She and her husband have property including bank balance  of  Rs 1 crore 6 lakh 306 hundred.

Congress president Birajit Nath is also corepati. He is contesting from Kailashahar.

Not only chief minister   Manik Sarkar is poor.  Ninety years Nirajoy Tripura MLA of CPI(M)  is in the least. After years of remaining MLA his bank balance is Rs 60000 and cash in hand is  Rs 1218. Besides he has a  bank loan of Rs  2 lakh  12 thousand.