24 - 06 - 2018

College council election: ABVP candidate wins uncontested

SONAMURA , September 9,2017 (TVN): In college council election of  Kabi Nazrul College of Sonamura two SFI supported candidates withdrew  their nomination papers on Friday.

Among the two posts there being a no dummy candidate ABVP supported candidate Sonai Debnath won without contest. On this tension erupted in the college.

For the first time any opposition student candidate won in Sonamura Kabi Nazrul college council election. For years SFI won election without contest.

 The opposition student organization would not get any candidate for contesting election.This election   for the first time opposition student organization ABVP fielded candidates  in all twenty eight seats along with ruling party student organization SFI.      

For last few days tension was prevailing in the college. Para military forces were deployed along with police to prevent any kind of untoward incidents.

Under this circumstance parents are worried and not willing to send their children to college. Two SFI candidates withdraw their nomination papers after pressurized from parents. They are  Piha Mazumder and Laxmi Saha, both are first year students.

SFI gave one dummy candidate with Piha Mazumder there election will held for the post.  Whereas there was no dummy candidate with Laxmi Saha,  so ABVP candidate Sonai Debnath won the election uncontested.  

After this violence broke out in the college between SFI and ABVP. Rooms of college teachers were vandalized. The teachers were send home under security cover.

Meanwhile, SFI state secretary  Nabarun Deb informed that out of  twenty two degree colleges SFI - TSU is  going to win in ten colleges without contest.   In  remaining colleges SFI – TSU will have a clean sweep over ABVP.