24 - 06 - 2018

Manik Sarkar is CM candidate, says Bijan Dhar

AGARTALA, Sept 10,2017 (TVN): Manik Sarkar is chief ministerial candidate for 2018 assembly election, this was said by Bijan Dhar, CPI(M) state secretary.

For last few days there was discussion in the political circle on the issue of projecting Sarkar as chief ministerial candidate for fifth term

As per central committee decision nobody will be made candidate after completing three terms, if this is followed than Sarkar cannot be made candidate for ffith term. He first assumed office as chief minister in 1998.

Addressing a press meet on Saturday Bijan Dhar along with CPI(M) spokeperson Gautam Das announced that Manik Sarkar who is chief minister for fourth term  will again be chief ministerial candidate for fifth term.

Dhar said while selecting candidates for 2018 election  its will be kept in mind about popularity  and acceptability among all section of people  if its young or senior candidate does not matter.