24 - 06 - 2018

SFI , TSU wins college council poll, ABVP gives a tough fight

AGARTALA, Sept 13, 2017 (TVN): College council election in twelve colleges was held amidst tension on Tuesday. Additional police and TSR were deployed to prevent any kind of violence’s in colleges.But there are still report of sporadic violence in BBMC and Ram Thakur college. At least five students was injured in the violence.

SFI and TSU emerged victorious after the result was announced  but ABVP also gave tough fight in some colleges. Contesting for the first time RSS - backed  Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) able to remain a mark. In 2016 college council election out of 778 seats opposition had only three seats.

But after one  year the it seems opposition are gaining ground in student politics is clear from the result of Kanchanpur college. There out of 24 seats SFI won 13 seats and ABVP by winning 11 seats gave all a surprise. In Ramthakur College out of 18 seats ABVP won one council seat.

For the first the time election was held in Rabindranath college, Bishalgarh. SFI and TSU have to go for contest in all 22 seats against ABVP. SFI and TSU won all the seats.

In BBM college  out 63 seats SFI and TSU won uncontested in 43 seats. ABVP won one seat out of 20 contested election and remaing are won by SFI and TSU.    

In MBB college out of 62 seats SFI and TSU won uncontested in 43 seats. So election was held in 19 seats. ABVP won three seats and rest by SFI and TSU.

In Longtarai Valley college ABVP won two seats and remaining nine seats is won by Left student organization. In Gandacherra college all seats was won by Left student organizations.

In Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya of Kailashahar opposition ABVP won four seats and SFI won 27 seats out of 31 seats. The votes of opposition student organization have increased from last year.  

In Fatikray Ambedkar College ABVP won in  4 seats and SFI and TSU won in 16 seats. In Dharmanagar college ABVP won in two seats and remaining seats by SFI and TSU.

In Sonamura College election was held in 27 seats which ruling student organization won all the seats. Only one seat is won by ABVP uncontested.