11 - 12 - 2018

Court issues non – bail able warrant against G- Net chairman Nayar

AGARTALA, Feb 13, 2018 (TVN): Non – bail able warrant was issued against G- Net chairman K. Balchandran Nayar high court of Tripura.   The court ordered him to arrest by 16 February.

On Monday the accused was told to appear physically in court. But he did not appear. Chief Justice of  T. Vaipei  on Monday issued non – bail able warrant against  chairman Nayar.

 Earlier several times the accused was told to appear in court, but every time he skipped citing different reasons.

It is mentionable here that Nayar  fled  from the state with crores of rupees  cheating  many people. Later he gave cheques which all bounced. Case was registered in lower court.

The matter went to high court, Supreme Court. In supreme court  Nayar was directed to pay within three months  to those he cheated . The  court order was also overruled by Nayar.

Several notices was issued to Nayar to appear physically in court but every time he abstained from appearing.  At last on Monday, chief justice T . Vaipei issued non – bail able warrant against him.

Nayar not only cheated people of the state, he also cheated the Tripura government.  The accused Nayar fled from the state with crores and  crores of money.

The state government also lodged case against him, the outcome of the case is zero. Till now no action is taken against him by state government. 

It is alleged that the state government helped him  to flee the state.