11 - 12 - 2018

BSF renames BOP’s in memory of martyr jawans

Agartala, Oct 16,2018: In order to pay tribute to their supreme sacrifice,BSF has renamed its Border out Posts ( BOP). According to press communiqué issued by BSF, Tripura Frontier stated that - BOP Ratipara Forward as BOP Bajarangi, BOP Sachindra Para as BOP Arup,  BOP Sher as BOP RC Nath,  BOP Teda Meda Basti as BOP Biju and BOP Tulpaibari as BOP Sanathan.

On Aug 06, 2010 an ambush was sprung by militants against a BSF party of 101 Bn BSF. Constable Bajarangi and Constable Arup Das, displayed courage and tactical skills to deny militants from causing further damage to patrol and prevented loss of weapons before succumbing to the injuries sustained by them in line of duties of border guarding and fighting against militants while providing security for construction of road and fence along Indo-Bangladesh border. Their sacrifice has been recognized by Govt of India by awarding them “President Police Medal for Gallantry” (Posthumously). Constable Bajarangi and Constable Arup Das attained martyrdom on 06 August 2010 at BOP Ratiapara (Tripura) while performing IB duty.

In another incident of bravery, Constable R C Nath, Constable Biju T and Constable/DvrSanathanBiswas of77 BN BSF attained martyrdom on 29 November 2008 at about 1630 hours in AOR of BOP Sher while travelling in a Swarajmazda vehicle from BOP Sher to Garjanpasa. The party received heavy volume of fire near village Wadochera by NLFT Militants. In exchange of fire they laid down their precious life after fighting valiantly in the interest of Nation.

Meanwhile on 1st anniversary BSF remembered the supreme sacrifice made by Dipak Mandal, 2IC of 145 BN BSF.  On 16 Oct, 2017 at about 01:40 AM, one year back, the Officer in charge of Commandant, left BOP Belardepaalong with  two guards towards Sonamura, for spot verification of  a BSF vehicle accident near Sonamura. On his way to Sonamura, from BOP Belardeppa, Sh D K Mandal, observed 25-30 smugglers/miscreants herding 15-20 cattle heads on the road for smuggling towards Bangladesh. Sh. Dipak Kumar Mandalwith guards tried to stop smugglers/miscreants but they did not pay any heed and encircled them. The miscreants started pelting stones/ bricks on them. Meanwhile, some henchmen of the miscreants came from Belardepa side in vehicles and tried to run over Sh D K Mandal, 2IC/OffgComdt but failed. They keep on using vehicular movement dangerously and one vehicle with high speed hit Sh D KMandal,from back side causing grievousinjuries to him.Sensing graveness of situation, the guard with ShD K Mandalfired 04 rounds from his personal weapon AK-47 to ward off the threat. Immediately, ShD K Mandal was evacuated to Dhanpur Hospital for first aid then to Govt Hospital Melaghar and further to Kolkata. The injured Officer was evacuated and was admitted at Medica Super Specialty Hospital in critical coma condition. On 20 Oct, 2017, at 11:35 AM, Sh. Dipak Kumar Mandal, 2IC/OffgComdt breathed his last and attained martyrdom.





71 murders in 183 days, increase in theft, violence and kidnapping

Agartala, Oct 8,2018:  Police data and report indicate there is no change in law and order in state even after change of Left Front government . Report states that average murder every month in the state is same for years. The average murder every month in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 ( till August) was 12, whereas in 2017 average murder in a month   was 10.

 This year from  January to August number of murder in the state was 93.  From March to August after BJP – IPFT came to power there was 71 murder. Number of murders in  the month of March was 15, April was  9,May was  6,June was 15, July was 13 and August  was 13. The data shows  there is no decrease of murders  in state even after change of government.    

 In case of theft in  police data shows it increased from March to August with an average of 34. Means everyday there is more than one theft incident  in state. Incidents of theft from January to August were 248, average each month is 31. It’s noted in January and February incident of theft was 20 and 22. However after change of government in March incidents of theft were 43, in April 46, in May 28, in June 25, July 34 and August 30. The average incidents of theft every month  in 2015 was 23, 2016 was 20, 2017 was 23

.The police report on political violence is on rise, last eight months there were 201 clashes  at an average every month 25. From March to August there was incident of 133 violence’s in state at an average every month 22. In 2017 average incidents of violence  every month was 10, in 2016  and 2015 it was  6.

The incident of kidnapping in state is also on rise. The data states in 2015 incidents of kidnapping were 153, 2016 it was 138 and 2017 it was 116. However in 2018  for January to August the incidents of kidnapping were 117. Means from March incidents of kidnapping increased, it was 105 average every month is 17. Previous year the average every month is 10. However out of the total kidnapped how many returned back police did not give any data.            

• Journalist protest against closure of ‘daily desher katha’ in Delhi

Agartala, Oct 6,2018: The Delhi Union of Journalists and the Kerala Union of Working Journalists staged a protest here Friday against the deregistration of 'Daily Desher Katha', a 40-year-old daily in Tripura. 

The publication of Daily Desher Katha, the mouthpiece of Tripura CPI(M), was suspended last Monday by the Registrar of Newspapers of India (RNI), based on a verdict passed by the district magistrate of West Tripura.

The Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) and the Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) held demonstration outside Tripura Bhawan against the decision of the state government and the Registrar of Newspapers of India (RNI). 

They submitted a memorandum to the Tripura government and handed it over to the State Resident Commissioner, demanding the action be revoked.

"The registration was cancelled on flimsy grounds that there were some anomalies in a declaration of ownership. The real reason, however, is that the BJP government wants to suppress dissenting voices. It does not want Opposition voices to be heard or read among the public. Such a step is a blatant attack on the freedom of the press," the memorandum said. 

DUJ general secretary Sujata Madhok said such actions were unheard of even in the time of Emergency and remind one of the British regime, where newspapers were banned at the whims and fancies of the colonial rulers.

The founder of the Daily Desher Katha, Gautam Das, said newspaper was known for adversarial stories exposing the present BJP government in Tripura.

Indian Women's Press Corps, Press Club of India, Press Association also condemned the move of the RNI

Expert team to review the security of fly - over

Agartala, Oct 05, 2018: For safety review of Agartala fly-over an expert team will be  arriving here after Durga puja, sources in PWD said. The expert team who is from Delhi will be bringing modern equipments to review the safety and quality. After reviewing the fly-  over likely  to be made operational in December.

After BJP – IPFT government came to power questions have been raised from certain section that fly –over is not safe and there are lot of faults in it. After this government decided to review the security by an expert team and getting their report the fly – over will be made operational.

Sources said 95 percent of work is complete. The 2.25 km long  two-lane flyover  is having a width of 8.5 m and the amount spent for construction is Rs 250 crore, out of which  Rs 85 crore was funded by the NEC. The construction was made in stretches from the police line in southern Agartala to fire brigade chowmuhuni (square) in the heart of the city.

On the quality of the flyover,  the source said vetting was done by experts from IIT, Delhi. Soil and other testing were done by authorized agencies. The project was done by Hyderabad-based Nagarjuna Construction Company (NCC) Limited through a national tender.

 After inauguration of the flyover  it is expected that traffic jam will end to large extend due to smooth movement vehicles.  At present there are more than 4 lakh motor vehicles of various categories in the state and parking has become a major problem in the state capital. The rush of people to Agartala is also difficult to tackle unless we have smooth movement of people and vehicles.  

The foundation stone of the flyover was laid by former chief minister Manik Sarkar on 29 May, 2015. Then it was said the construction will be completed in 30 months.    

10323: A section irregular in schools

Agartala, Oct 05, 2018:  A section of terminated 10323 teachers are reportedly not going to school, in spite repeated request and  warning from concerned authorities.  According to sources in education department a section of them is skipping schools  regularly  and engaging  in alternate sources of income.

In spite of requesting and  warning from the authorities they are irregular in schools. They decline to take classes even after remaining in schools. Due to their unprofessional approach students are affected.

 Sources said every month government spent Rs 20 crore for the  terminated teachers.  Besides crores are spent for fighting the case in supreme court. The BJP – IPFT government is doing all it can for the terminated teachers.

The next hearing of 10323 terminated teachers will come for hearing on next October 24. The BJP – IPFT government have again appealed in the apex court for reinstating the terminated teachers. The matter is under consideration in the court. All terminated teachers are working as temporary.


More than sixty thousand ration cards fake

Agartala, Sept 21,2018: More than sixty thousand fake ration cards have been indentified in state. The large number of fake ration card came to light after digitations of public distribution system in state. This was informed by  education minister Ratan Lal Nath.

He said before digitization number of ration card holders was 9,62,046 and number of consumers was 39,40,277. Whereas after digitization the number of ration of cards came down to 8,99,706 and number of consumers to 36,59,501 – means 62,340 ration cards are fake. Number of consumers from the fake raion cards is 2,80,776. Nath termed it as a big scam of previous Left Rule government in state. He alleged that every month 14 lakh 3 thousand and 80 kg of rice was procured from centre. Nath wanted to know who were benefitted by those fake ration cards.