21 - 11 - 2017

Over two thousand families affected due to fresh flood

AGARTALA, September 4,2017 (TVN): Around two thousand families  was affected  by the heavy downpour in last  twenty four hours. Nearly 510 families were affected in the municipal areas which are very close to the bank of River Howarh.

Twelve relief  camps and  ten boats are involved into service to take the effected people to the safe and secured places.  The river Howarh is flowing at its danger level, the danger level being 10.50m and its flowing at 10.48m which promptly alarming the state.

 On Sunday evening, CM made a quick visit to inquire about the present situation of the river. The NDRF Jawans are kept ready for further natural calamities. The worst effected flood  affected areas in the AMC are pratapgarh, baldakhala and Sri Lanka  basti

Education collapsed in govt schools

SABROOM, Sept 04, 2017 (TVN): Education system has totally broken in the government schools of Sabroom . Education system in most of the government schools of Sabroom subdivision is doomed into complete darkness.

 There are two old prestigious schools in Sabroom one is the Sabroom H. S and another Sabroom Girl's school. It was the time of NripenChakraborty and SudhirRanjan Majumder when these two schools were at the peak of their achievements in field of education.

There were requisite teachers and the schools  were out of the reach of all political shades. Now time has come when the political workers of the ruling party are forcing the school students to gather in the political rally.

It's the reign of CM Manik Sarkar where education in almost all the government schools of Sabroom subdivision is collapsed. The qualified teachers are transfered and the so called political blessings feeded teachers have accompanied their positions in the schools years after years doing nothing for the sake of the students. 

Four children went missing, found later

UDAIPUR, Sept 03,2017 (TVN): Negligence of guardians left four children missing  on the day of Eid.  Four children who are merely between the age of 8 to 12 years were sent to their relative's house via an auto at khilpara, udaipur. The children after getting down from auto can't locate the relative's home. The local mass sent the children to the child  line  volunteers. Later , they were later taken to the R. K. Pur police station and identified as the residents of gokulpur.

Resentment brewing among untrained teachers

AGARTALA, September 03, 2017 (TVN): Serious resentment is brewing in the name of giving training to government teachers. The centre is providing enough funds for giving training to the untrained government teachers.

However, the education department has directed the untrained teachers to take training at their own expense. According to the circular of MHRD the untrained teachers has to acquire their requisite qualifications and training within 2019 otherwise their jobs will be terminated.

 Knowing all this education department is not releasing the unspent funds which was sanctioned for the training programs. The RMSA teachers on 2014-16 sessions has acquired the D. I. Ed degrees from the IGNOU but a large section of the untrained teachers are deprived of this and so they are demanding for training which will be borne by the government as funds are there for their training purposes.

 But the state government is not willing to release the funds for training and imposing this on the teachers. 

College election, fear grips BBMC students

AGARTALA, September 02, 2017 (TVN): Immense fear gripped among college students of BBMC ahead of college election schedule to held on 12 September. Friday was the last day of submitting  the nomination paper and there was lots of trouble in between the SFI and ABVP .  This  led to clash among both students organization. Five were injured as a result of this.

ADM, SDM  and additional SP rushed to the spot to tackle the situation and after much effort the situation was brought under control.  The ABPV workers halt the road in the old motor stand area.  Situations were so uncontrolled that when ABPV leaders Rupam datta and Pijush biswas went to talk over this matters they were severely beaten and they had head injuries.

 OC Milan Datta of East Agartala police station  assured them that actions will be taken immediately. On the other hand Nabarun Deb SFI leader reported that some outsiders are creating problems. He added that for the sake of peace in the state the SFI supporters will step back and work for the peaceful environment in the college premises.


Jamatia Customary Law Bill laid in ADC session

AGARTALA, September,02, 2017 (TVN):Jamatia Customary  Law Bill 2017 was laid and accepted  in the one day session of TTAADC on Friday,  after a long pressure from  Jamatia sections.

It is alleged by MDC Joy Kishore Jamatia  that due to  pressure from minister Naresh Jamatia the  bill  was not being laid in the TTADC  session earleir.

At last on the second  half of the one day session the bill was unanimously accepted . Introducing the bill  CEM Radhacharan Debbarma comprising of  313 sections and 30 chapters  said  it’s a land mark in the history of ADC.  He added the bill can be revised on the basis of interest of the people under ADC area. 

 The salient features of the bill are -  For the under aged people consumption of alcohol is an offence, Marriage of girls before 18yrs and that of boys before 21yrs is  crime.  Debbarma  stated  that it will be a non political social organization that will help people to build a crime free social environment.      

 "We have attained independence 70yrs back but no meaningful steps has been taken to provide more power to the ADC constituted under sixth schedule of the constitution"  CEM said.

Lambasting the centre he  said " The  14th  Finance Commission has not giving fund to the village committees that resulted in the financial constraint at the village level.  In the previous Financial year, TTAADC received Rs 229  crores under MGNREGA, which proves it beneficial for the overall development activities in the rural area "  

Now with the passage of the time, the fund flow to almost zero level.  People are dismayed of getting jobs for the stringent rules imposed by the centre, CEM stated.                                                                  

The CEM also expressed concern over the suspension of the fund level to the ADC under special assistance by the Centre,he added "we have been receiving special attention from the centre for the overall development of the down trodden people of the indigenous culture and community.  But now the centre has put their steps back ward in helping the poor people"             Debbarma also urged the Centre to provide funds to gear up the MGNREGA works otherwise the poor unemployed people would suffer a lot         

Speaking in the session MDC of  BJP  Joy Kishore Jamatia said the bill  could have  come into force long back but due to the unwillingness of  of minister Naresh Jamatia, the delay continued.