22 - 02 - 2018

Assembly issues show cause notice to Ratan Nath

AGARTALA, Dec 26,2017 (TVN): Show cause notice was issued to Congress MLA Ratan Nath on his joining BJP.

The joint secretary of assembly issued the notice yesterday after direction from speaker Ramendra Chandra Nath.

The joint secretary informed that   Pradesh Congress president Birajit Sinha gave letter to speaker urging  disqualification of Ratan Nath as MLA. By joining BJP, Nath  has violated the anti – defection Act.  

After getting the letter from Sinha, speaker gave seven days time  to Nath for replying the showcause  notice.

Few days back senior leader of Congress and MLA Ratan Nath have joined BJP.


Offices and schools to be affected as mothers apply for CCL

AGARTALA, Dec 26 ,2017 (TVN):  State government  offices and schools normal function  will affect  due to 730 days child care leave (CCL).

Women employees of state government will get 730 days leave in phase manners till 18 years of their children age.

Mothers of those children crossed 16 years are applying for child care leave in mass.

If they go for leave the normal function of government affected will be affected. Besides, the condition of schools will be also seriously affected.

Some schools have only one subject teacher. If the particular teacher goes for one year leave, then the students will affected. As proxy teacher can not take their classes.

School headmasters are facing the problem. Even after informing the higher authorities they are not getting any solution to cope the situation.

Those who apply for child care  leave it had to be sanctioned, as its government decision.

Trinamool congress remembers Nripen Chakraborty

AGARTALA, Dec 26 ,2017 (TVN): Former chief minister Nripen Chakraborty was remembered  by Tripura Pradesh Trinamool Congress on his 16th death anniversary.   A remembrance programme was held at Joynagar central office of the party on Monday.

In the programme various speakers highlighted the work of Nripen Chakraborty and how he was humiliated by CPI (M). The communist leader was not given the due respect by CPI(M) party, claimed the speakers.

Grand child of the former chief  minister Sandip Chakraborty, Dulal Das and convernor of state Trinamool Congress Asish Lal Singha spoke in the function.

Nripen Chakraborty was  the chief minister of Tripura state from 1978 to 1988. He was  involved in the Communist movement for six decades

20 MW power given to Mizoram

AGARTALA, Dec 26 ,2017 (TVN): As promised, Mizoram was given 20 mega watt power by Tripura. The power is supplied from 22 December. It will be supplied till 1st January.However there is no power shortage  here in the state.

Every year during the festival of Durga puja, Mizoram supplies power here in the state. In return on the occasion of Christmas and New Year power is supplied to the neighboring state. This  exchange of power  between Tripura and Mizoram is  going every  year.

Being winter, the state  is having surplus power. On Monday the demand was 220 mega watt. Mizoram is given 20 mega watt and as per Indo – Bangladesh treaty 160 mega watt is given to Bangladesh. So in total the demand is 400 mega watt. The production n  in the state is more than 400 mega watt.

CPI (M) party office set afire

UDAIPUR, Dec 24, 2017 (TVN): Political violences are on rise as count down for  assembly election started in Tripura.

CPI(M) party local office at Pitra under Radha Kishore Pur police station was  set on fire.

The incident happened on Friday mid – night. The party office was turned to ash where property worth  Rs 5 lakh was destroyed.

However CPI(M) alleged that BJP goons have done the act. A case was registered against three in Pitra police out post with names and address. The accused are – Jagadish Das, Sujit Sarkar and Badal Saha.

Police is investigating the case.

In protest CPIM Udaipur divisional committee took protest march in seventeen places.


Veteran journalist passes away

AGARTALA, Dec 24, 2017 (TVN): Veteran journalist , Anup Nag passed away here on Saturday night.. He was 67. He served as journalist for over three decades in number of media organizations and used to work for Jagaran Patrika in the last few years of his life. The veteran journalist was admitted in GB hospital after he suffered brain hemorrhage, later shifted to ILS hospital where he expired.