17 - 01 - 2019

Whom do we expect to bring…. Changes?

When we talk about changes. No one is there to say no to bring changes regardless of young and old, leader and public, educated and uneducated at this juncture.

So, to whom are blaming to make changes as well as to build a better society.  Today, we are unsatisfied in every aspects of human developments.  But the question is why?  And whom to blame?  Everyone is expert to comment on others mostly negative without knowing his/her mistake. However,  there must be a place /room for correction and criticism in order to shape each other for the upliftment of individual and community. Let us start within oneself to make a difference before we point at others.  For any development,  there is a requirement for someone’s hard work and dedication to make changes on behalf of the community.

 There is a saying that in every success there is someone who worked hard behind the scenes. But the outcome is when change and success take place the whole community in particular celebrate the success story. Until and unless a person revoke the error in his/her mind on others, he/she will not have a healthy thinking. And having the unhealthy mindset will always bring a blockage in the community building for changes.
If we are expecting for changes to occur in our life and community. Why not we start doing something better and make a difference.  Let us not wait others to bring changes. Human beings are holistic when you change a part of any system you simultaneously, every area of our life suffers. Humanity as a whole is the same way.

Everything that we can do effects,  the whole community, for better or worse. Let us think about,am I part of the change agent or part of the conflicts and destructions? Every decision in life has opportunity to make a difference that is good or bad. Let us not forget other sacrifices and put ourself as superior to other people.We should inculcate humility, gratitude and recognition of all blessings which makes us success in life.  One couldn’t do what you’ve without the help of others.  We are extremely lucky to be able to participate and contribute in the way of changing life.  Together, we can do whatever we want our society to be.  Therefore, it is a matter of priority and decision to bring changes in life.  No matter how much things are breaking down, there is still a hope for good future. Don’t let outsiders tell how our land should look.  Our home/land is where our heart is.  Believe that is a better future, if we agree and willing to accept good changes.