21 - 02 - 2019

Unethical election process brings corruption in the political system

The election in our land is an unethical process. Politicians today are aiming to capture power by hook with no consideration for ethical values, and that brings corruption in the political system.

Free and fair election is necessity of democracy, but there is no free and fair election in our land, not observing the law of the nation in true spirit. Clean election is necessity of democracy, every representation of people whether MLA or MP has to observe the law of the nation in true spirit. Clean election constitutes the foundation of Parliamentary Democracy.
Today money and muscle power plays an important role in election to win and after winning the election, only few money is spent on developmental work and the rest goes into the pocket of politicians to recover their money which was spent during the election. We know that in Tripura  during election both poor and rich people spent money in reckless manner, because during election money is just like a leaves of tree falling during autumn season.
It doesn`t meant that all the politicians are corrupt; some are dedicated and devoted politicians who have sacrificed a lot for the welfare of our people.
In the path of reform in election process on 13th March, 2003, the judgement of Supreme Court had delivered following points (1) Candidates must declare their criminal antecedents, wealth, educational qualifications etc. (2) Voter has fundamental right to know the antecedents of a candidate and this right was independent of the statutory right under the election law. (3) A voter is first citizen of this country and apart from statutory right; he is having fundamental right conferred by Constitution.  According to Mr, Justice M.B. Shah “right to vote would be meaningless unless citizens are well informed about the antecedents of candidate”, therefore, a voter should know the antecedents and personality of the candidate whom he/she is going to give his/her valuable vote.
To eradicate unethical election process and corruption in the political system public must play vital role. In democracy  public is the most powerful entity, if public do not vote in favour of dishonest and corrupt politicians who wish to purchase their votes, the said problems in the political system will be solved.  
As a  honest citizen we should not sell our votes, selling our vote is selling our truth and birthright. Bible prohibits selling the truth. Proverbs is a collection of wise saying for daily living. It covers all the important aspect of human life, so Proverbs 23:23 says “do not sell the truth”
We know the story of Esau in the Bible for selling his birthright to his brother Jacob, (Genesis 25: 29-34). One day when Esau came in famished from hunting and asked Jacob to feed him some of the red stew that was preparing, Jacob was quick to take advantage over his brother’s weakness and bargained with Esau to sell his birthright in exchange for the food. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob in exchange for food. Jacob was wrong to exploit Esau`s hunger for his own benefit, but Esau also was wrong to be more concerned about his immediate physical needs than about his long term inheritance. By despising his birthright Esau lost his status in the family. Esau and his descendents had lost much. But Jacob also met trouble in his life. He had broken the moral code for which, he had to suffer the consequence.
Behaviour of   today`s  politicians  depicts the nature of Jacob, who took advantage and exploited Esau for his own benefit when Esau was hungry and public have become Esau who sold his birthright to gratify his immediate physical needs and lost his long term inheritance. Therefore, both the politicians and the public of Tripura  need to learn a lesson from the above said story. 
We are living in a democratic country; so, we must be aware of our right and power of voting. Knowing ethical voting and ethical process of election is vital to eradicate corruption in the political system. Corrupt politicians must not be voted to be in power. How can we expect from the politicians who are having corrupt background to provide us pure governance?
Unless citizens are well informed about the ethical election process there will be no solution of this corruption prevailing in the political system in our land. Therefore, it is the duty of every bona-fide citizen to learn about ethical processes of election to bring transformation in the political system in our land. In conclusion I request all the voters to maintain ethical voting and cast your valuable votes to the deserved, dedicated, sincere and honest politicians in the upcoming State Assembly Election 2018.