25 - 03 - 2019

Deb proud of Rukhmini, Subhashree dream fulfilled

KOLKATA, Feb 20,2018:This year Rukhmini received the Jio – Filmfare award as best newcomer actress for film  “Black Lady”. Her friend Deb, who is also a leading actor of Bengali film, is proud of her.

He said, “ I am immensely proud for her and hopeful she will one day be a great actress. Rukhmini is a versatile actress ”  

Rukhmini entry to film was with Deb. She himself said, “ I was forced to film by Deb. I had no interest to work in film but initiative of Deb bore fruit after receing the Jio – Filmfare award”

Meanwhile Subhashree Ganguly have no regrets for not receiving any award. She said, “ It was my childhood dream to perform in Filmfare Award ceremony, after able to perform my dream have been fulfilled”  

 It is mentionable here that those who bagged awards are – Kaushik Ganguly for “ Bisaarjhon” Aninda Chatterjee for ‘ Prajapati Biscuit’ Atanu Ghosh for ‘ Mayurakhi’ Pritam D Gupta ‘ Macher Jhool’ Manas Mukul Pal for ‘ Sahaaj Pather Goppo”.

Beisdes lifetime achievement award was given to veteran actress Savitri Chatterjee and director Mrinal Sen.