20 - 06 - 2019

Alipurduar’s DM Suspended

Alipurduar, Jan 7,2019:The District Magistrate of Alipurduar Nikhil Nirmal has been accused to beating a youth inside the Falakata police station.

The video of the incident became viral too. Soon after it became viral, the state secretariat took immediate and strict measures and have been suspended. Presently, the additional DM will take the responsibility of the Burdwan district.

According to sources, the DM took the law in his own hands to which Nabanna objected.

An youth posted an offensive post in the social media to the DM’s wife Nandini Krishna. The accused victim was called to the police station where the DM beat him.

His wife was also present. The DM also reportedly threatened to kill the youth. After this the police arrested Vinod, the youth.