02 - 07 - 2020

Huge quantity of ganja seized from Cooch Behar

COOCH BEHAR,Nov 29:  Police have seized 555kg of ganja hidden in a truck.The driver and the helper  was arrested by police. The incident happened in Haldibari of Cooch Behar.

Acting on secret information, police of Haldibari thana detained a cement laden truck near Tala company area.In the presence of a magistrate the truck was searched by police. After down loading all 410 cement bags, 58 plastic bags were recovered by police. All the bags were filled with ganja weighing 555 kg.

Police sources informed, the ganja was brought  from Agartala and cement from Meghalaya for construction of railway. Police super Anoop Jaiswal said police have arrested the driver Anu Mia and  helper of the truck. Police trying to find out others  involved with the incident.            

‘ Vishwa Bangla’ is of state government, says Mamata

KOLKATA, Nov 29: At last West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee spoke on  ‘ Vishwa Bangla’. On Wednesday he stated in assembly that the state government is owner of ‘ Vishwa Bangla’.The logo is created by her and she is  proud about it, stated Mamata Bannerjee in assembly.

The state government have highlighted and promoted it s as own brand. It is used in all government progammes.Even in Youth World Cup football ‘ Vishwa Bangla’ was widely publicized.

But on 10 November, Mukul Ray in a rally of BJP claimed that Abhishek Bannerjee, All India Youth Trinamool Congress president is the real owner of ‘ Vishwa Bangla’.

After the allegation of Mukul Ray lot of  controversy started on the issue, the matter went to court. But chief minister did not said anything. But while addressing the assembly, she without naming criticized Mukul stated, “Mudslinging is  done on this issue by some for cheap political milage”

Bengal rasogolla to be made branded

KOLKATA, Nov 23: West Bengal government will now do branding of  rasogolla.Now rasgolla has to made as per guidelines given by the government. If not followed than GI logo tag  will not be given. The decision will be conveyed to the sweet makers  in  meeting  going  to  held  next week.

There was a legal fight with Odisha and Bengal on rasogolla. Odisha claimed rasogolla belongs to them. Both states applied for GI logo. Recently Bengal won the legal fight and got the GI logo.

Sources in administration informed to maintain the quality and make it a brand in world, West Bengal food processing department is making some guidelines for preparing rasogolla. The guidelines have to be strictly followed by sweet makers.

Every sweet makers should send  their rasogolla to food processing department to test the quality. Having passed the test than only GI logo tag  will be given to them.            

Priyoranjan passes away

KOLKATA, Nov 20:  Former  union minister and congress leader Priyoranjan Das Munshi  passed away on Monday. He was 72, left behind   wife Deep Das Munshi and son Priyodeep Munshi. The congress leader was  on coma since 2008.

A press statement issued from Indrapastha hospital , Delhi stated that Priyoranjan Das Munshi  passed away at 12.10 pm  noon Monday.  


Priyoranjan condition critical

KOLKATA, Nov 18: The condition of Priyoranjan Dasmunshi  reported to be critical . His condition deteriorated further as he was infected with lung infection while in coma. Doctors shifted him to ICU.

For last few months Priyoranjan  was responding to treatment . He even watched world cup football U – 17 by sitting on chair. Doctors informed that slowly he was returning from coma. But on Friday night his condition  turned critical due to infection in lungs.

He was transferred to ICU. His wife Deepa Dasmunshi, former MP of congress  informed for last few days his condition deteriorated and shifted to ICU.

In 2008, 12 October  the former Congress union minister Priyoranjan   suffered massive stroke. He was treated in AIIMS Delhi and foreign countries. For last nine years he is coma at Apollo hospital, Delhi.

Dengue: HC directs to submit another affidavit

KOLKATA, Nov 17: Yet again the state government was criticized by high court regarding dengue.  Question has been raised by  high court on the report submitted by state government. On the issue of dengue state government is on back foot from beginning.