15 - 05 - 2021

Depression heading towards Andhra Pradesh

KOLKATA, Nov 16: Before Saturday the weather condition will not change stated  Alipur  weather office. Preliminary report says there will be rain tomorrow also . From 15 night, the depression is heading towards west, this will reduce the number of days of rain.

World longest sari in making at Phulia

KRISHNAGAR, Nov 15: A 3.83 km long sari  is been made   by a weaver from Nadia’s Phulia, claimed to be the longest one in the world.  Making of the sari will be completed by mid – December  than it would be dedicate to the Nation on the ensuing English New Year’s Day as a mark of his tribute to the Motherland.

All should have “ rasogollas” today, says Mamata

KOLKATA, Nov 14: The legal battle between Bengal and Odisha over Rosogolla finally came to an end after Geographical Identification registration was given to West Bengal.On Tuesday, West Bengal after getting GI registration over rasogolla  it was a proud moment for people and businessmen.

Govt employees to get 41 holidays next calendar year

KOLKATA, NOV 13: Good news for employees of West Bengal government.  From next calendar year, employees will get 41 days government holidays other than Saturday and Sunday.This was stated  officially while releasing the list of government holidays today.

The list includes 11 days holiday during Durga puja and 4 days puja during Kali puja.In 2018 Durga puja ‘ Sasthi’ will fall on 15 October till  25 October is  Lakshmi puja, employees will get holiday. And again from 6 November to 9 November for Kali puja West Bengal government offices will remain close.       

Rs 2000 fake currency notes recovered from Malda

MALDA,  Nov 12 : Fake currency notes were recovered from Baishnav Nagar of Malda, West Bengal. Police sources said 48 fake currency not was recovered all Rs 2000 denomination and one was detained. However, name of the detained person was not disclosed. Two aadhar cards also found, police is verfying  whether the aadhar cards are original or not.

Biswa Bangla: Let Mamata challenge in court, says Vijaybargiya

Krishnanagar, Nadia,Nov. 12 :  BJP Bengal “ Prabhari” Kailash Vijaybargiya on Saturday said if Mamata Bannerjee government has documents to prove Mukul Roy wrong on what he alleged about the ownership of ‘Biswa  Bangla’ it should then challenge him before court.  

Speaking at the outskirt on party’s youth wing’s conference in Nadia’s Nakashipara, Kailash   said: “If the TMC  Government has documents to prove that it owns the Biswa Bangla and if they have anything to say against Mukul Roy, they should go to a court.  He has challenged that all the documents of Biswa Bangla are in the name of Abhishek Banerjee. He has also shown the documents on the stage yesterday in public rally. So now let them go to court”

It’s mentionable here that newly inducted BJP leader Mukul Roy during his first public appearance  alleged that ‘ Biswa Bangla’ brand that the state government promotes for traditional Bengali hand woven sari and other items which symbolizes Bengali identity and also uses its logo in Government programme is actually a private company owned by Trinamul MP and Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee.

 Meanwhile,  Abhishek Banerjee, president of  Youth Trinamul congress  reacted strongly against Mukul’s statement and threatened to take legal action on it.