20 - 06 - 2019

Learn from West Bengal how to run govt, says Mamata to Modi

KRISHNANAGAR, NADIA, Feb 13, 2018:Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee criticizing union government said Prime Minister Narendra Modi  should learn from West Bengal how to run government.

Addressing a meeting in Krishnagar, Nadia district on Tuesday  she said, “Nadia district is experiencing all round development. What we have done in state today, no one have done it earlier.West Bengal is number one in hundred days work. We are leader in ease of doing business. So do not lecture us on development.

Taking dig at Modi government, chief minister said, “ Centre does not give money, give long lectures. The country’s economy has collapsed today. Even money in banks is not secured under Modi’s rule. Due to GST micro traders are suffering. In BJP ruled states farmers are committing suicide the most.  Here in the state we do not impose taxes on state farmers.Did centre waive loans to farmers. Instead of giving lectures, first learn how to run government, then rule centre”        

 Speaking about of her government, chief minister said, “25 lakh house was constructed under ‘ Bangla Yawas Yojana’. Kalyani, Karimpur made model police station. New substation will be made in Birnagar. Thirteen thousand kilometer road was constructed.24 x7 power supply is ensured. Fair price medicine shops are opened. In Nadia 10 kishan mandi was set up. Farmers get Rs 1000 as old age pension.We never impose tax burden. We are giving number of scholarship for students. In spite of doing so many things opposition criticize us. In ensuing panchayat election, people will teach them a lesson.             

Employment Bank: 10 lakh youths gets job

KOLKATA, Feb 10, 2018:In the state around 10 lakh  youths got job.The qualified candidate was selected those registered in employment bank of the government.The report came after conducting survey. In the employment bank 26 lakh 46 thousand youths have registered.    

In 2012, July West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee started the employment bank. The bank was started to give employment to unemployed youths. In the portal of employment bank unemployed youths registered their names and qualification.

Not only that all registered unemployed youths gets Rs 1500 as pension each month. Report says 95,595 youths gets pension. The state government spent Rs 138crore 77 lakh after starting the ‘ Yuva Shree’ project.    

Mamata to give financial assistance for girl’s marriage

KOLKATA, Jan 31, 2018 (TVN): Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee will give financial assistance to poor families for daughter marriage. Under the dream project of chief minster “ Rupashree” adult daughters of poor families will get rupees twenty five thousand. The project ought to bring smile among lakhs poor and tensed mothers and fathers.

Its mentionable here that another project of the state “ Kanyashree” received award from United Nation. Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee was given the public service award for the project in Netherland. Under the project more forty lakhs girl students was covered from fifteen thousand educational institutes.    

Addressing in assembly budget session on Wednesday  she said girls are Laxmi  of families. Any girl who attained the age of 18 and annual family income is less than Rs 1.5 lakh will get the benefit of “ Rupashree”    

42nd International Kolkata Book Fair Begins

KOLKATA, Jan 30, 2018: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the 42nd International Kolkata Book Fair in Central Park, Salt Lake.

Publisher’s guild president Sudhangshu Shekhar Dey and general secretary Trideb Kumar Chatterjee was present in the inauguration programme.

There are 605 book stalls and 200 little magazine tables. The book fair will remain till 11 February. The timing of the fair is from noon 12 to 8 PM night every day.

This year focus theme of the book fair is France. Information and cultural minister of France Mrs. Fran soya Niacin has arrived in the fair.   


Bus accident, Mamata going to Murshidabad

KOLKATA, Jan 29, 2018: Chief minister Mamata Bannerjee is worried about  the bus accident. She left for Mushidabad by cut short her government programme.

Sources in administration said chief minister wants to personally monitor the rescue operation of the at Dualtabad. She is accompanied by transport minister Subhindu Adhikari and several officials.

Besdies chief minister announced financial aid to those killed and injured in the accident. Rs 5 lakh will be given to the neares kin those killed and Rs 1 lakh those injured including free treatment.

It is mentionable here that on Monday early morning the accident happened in Daulatabad, Murshidabad. The bus after breaking  rallying of bridge rallying drowned  in the Bhairavi river.

From local administration boats are used in rescue work, Four bodies have been recovered and four are reported to be injured, It is a accepted the death toll may rise. Divers are sent from Kolkata to speed up the rescue work.

Hardik coming to meet ‘Didi’

AGARTALA, Jan 28, 2018:Hardik Patel, leader Pathedar reservation agitation of Gujarat is coming to meet West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee. He is schedule to held meeting with the chief minister on 9 February at Navana.   

Sources said Mamata Bannerjee phoned Hardik Patel and invited him to come in the state. Patel accepted the invitation.

Political pundits think Mamata Bannerjee is the prime opponent of Modi in national politics. The young turk of Gujarat is trying to strengthen the anti Modi fight before 2019 Lok Sabha election.

According to pundits the meeting on 9 February between Mamata Bannerjee and Hardik Patel is only a step in this regard.