Modi govt's go-to man in crisis, Arun Jaitley passes away at 66

Published on Saturday, 24 August 2019 18:42
Written by Our Correspondant

Agartala, Aug 24,2019:Former finance minister Arun Jaitley, who was admitted to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, passed away on Saturday following cardiac complications.

Jaitley, 66, had been undergoing treatment at the hospital for several weeks, after he was rushed to the AIIMS on August 9 following breathlessness and restlessness. 

Among the top leaders responsible for the emergence of the BJP at the national level, he was one of the pillars, and chief troubleshooter of the saffron party and the Narendra Modi government in recent times.

With the party since student days as an ABVP activist, Jaitley held the portfolios of Finance, Defence, Corporate Affairs, I&B among many others. Jaitley also spearheaded government policies in the Rajya Sabha as Leader of the Opposition, even though the numbers were not with the Modi government during the first tenure.

lawyer with friends across party lines, his speeches in Parliament were textbook cases of logic and finesse. He was among the BJP leaders available to the media freely, interacting with journalists generally after lunchtime when Parliament was in session.

A  legal eagle, a sharp mind, a perfect Parliamentarian, a former minister of Defence, Finance, I&B, Corporate Affairs, Jaitley was that and much more.