17 - 01 - 2019

Allegation of partiality against general observer

AGARTALA, Feb 14, 2018 (TVN):  An allegation of partiality was brought against general observer Kumar Ravikanta by CPI (M).

On Tuesday  written complaint was given to both Election Commission and Chief Electoral Officer by CPI (M) state secretary Bijan Dhar.

Kumar Ravikanta is general observer for Dharmanagar, Yuvrajnagar and Panisagar assembly constituency.

In letter Dhar mentioned that  most of  all CPI(M) posters and placard  was removed by him, whereas all those of BJP were  not removed.  

On Tuesday Rabikanta objected distribution of  leaflets by  CPI(M) one person named Manik Lal Nath was confined whole day.

In leaflets   name of publisher and publication house is mentioned.  Same leaflets are used in other constituencies also.

Kumar Rabikanta is regularly  obstructing  the campaign of CPI(M) and  workers, stated Dhar in letter and demanded to take necessary steps.