21 - 02 - 2019

71 murders in 183 days, increase in theft, violence and kidnapping

Agartala, Oct 8,2018:  Police data and report indicate there is no change in law and order in state even after change of Left Front government . Report states that average murder every month in the state is same for years. The average murder every month in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 ( till August) was 12, whereas in 2017 average murder in a month   was 10.

 This year from  January to August number of murder in the state was 93.  From March to August after BJP – IPFT came to power there was 71 murder. Number of murders in  the month of March was 15, April was  9,May was  6,June was 15, July was 13 and August  was 13. The data shows  there is no decrease of murders  in state even after change of government.    

 In case of theft in  police data shows it increased from March to August with an average of 34. Means everyday there is more than one theft incident  in state. Incidents of theft from January to August were 248, average each month is 31. It’s noted in January and February incident of theft was 20 and 22. However after change of government in March incidents of theft were 43, in April 46, in May 28, in June 25, July 34 and August 30. The average incidents of theft every month  in 2015 was 23, 2016 was 20, 2017 was 23

.The police report on political violence is on rise, last eight months there were 201 clashes  at an average every month 25. From March to August there was incident of 133 violence’s in state at an average every month 22. In 2017 average incidents of violence  every month was 10, in 2016  and 2015 it was  6.

The incident of kidnapping in state is also on rise. The data states in 2015 incidents of kidnapping were 153, 2016 it was 138 and 2017 it was 116. However in 2018  for January to August the incidents of kidnapping were 117. Means from March incidents of kidnapping increased, it was 105 average every month is 17. Previous year the average every month is 10. However out of the total kidnapped how many returned back police did not give any data.