20 - 06 - 2019

E – Rickshaws gets breather for three months

Agartala,Jan 1,2018:A sigh of relief for  e -rickshaws better  known as ‘Tom Tom’ plying in city of Agartala. As traffic and transport department did not conducted any raid against them on Tuesday. It was notified by government that without registration no battery charged rickshaws can ply in ten routes of the city from January 1st.                 

After issue of notification drivers of e – rickshaws was worried about their future. If they cannot ply in the ten routes mentioned it will be huge loss for them.

Sources in transport department  said on Monday the state government has extended the registration time limit for  three months. After this the department will not take any action against e – rickshaws.  

However after three months the department will take action against those who will not get registration done, the sources added.  Tripura e-Rickshaw Srameek Sangha also criticized  state transport  department expressed anguish against the notification that bars plying e-Rickshaws without documents ..