21 - 08 - 2019

Manik visit remote areas of LNV

Agartala, Jan 30, 2019: Former chief minister Manik Sarkar today  visited  various tribal hamlets at    Govindabari and Longtarai Valley . He talked with the locals. The locals, seeing   the former chief minster amongst them, narrated their problems and hardship they are facing.              

He was accompanied by CPM leaders including MLAs Ratan Bhowmik, Mabasar Ali and Jasbir Tripura. CEM of TTAADC Radhacharan Tripura was also present.   Sarkar also visited the house of Japan Da Tripura, who allegedly died of starvation.  

The former chief minister also addressed two  party workers  gathering  during his visit.    Speaking in  both gathering  Sarkar said , “when  I was chief minister opposition used   raise slogans against me. Now I am no longer the chief minister  than what’s the need  of   raising  slogans against me”          

Meanwhile, again today also on way to Longtarai Valley the convoy of Sarkar was again blocked by protestors in two places. The first was at Chailengta and the second at Chawmanu . The blockade was to prevent him to enter remote areas so that he cannot interact with locals.

Sources in CPM said  that in spite protests  Manik Sarkar  was in no mood to yield, he asked the police to make arrangement so that he can carr on with  his  schedule programme.    

Yesterday also  his convoy was blocked twice in Ambassa by   protestors.