06 - 12 - 2019

Chapchar kut festival celebrated with traditional fervor

Agartala, Feb 27,2019: The 2nd Tripura State Level Chapchar Kut Festival, 2019 is Celebrated  Wednesday  at Behliangchhip village of Jampui Hills, North Tripura district . Chapchar Kut is a spring festival of the Mizo's, celebrated with great favour and gaiety. It is celebrated after completion of their most arduous task of jhum operation i.e., jungle clearing.

“Every year, Mizos organize the Chapchar Kut festival in spring season, showcasing the pomp and pageantry of yore. Mizo children and young people, colourfully attired in their Mizo regalia, complete with feathered headdresses, jewellery, weapons and other props, participate in groups and numbers. The elderly members of the society come dressed in their traditional costumes. The whole place soon turns into a riot of colours.  Meanwhile, Mizo singers enthrall the crowd with their special renderings. This is followed by the various Mizo dances, the most important being the ‘Cheraw’. The nimble-footed female dancers jump in perfect unison and rhythm as the men clap the bamboo sticks around their feet and sing loudly. 

In the ‘Khuangchawi’, an young man is carried in a bamboo sedan chair by a colourful attired group of people amidst loud cheers, an event reminiscent of the times when the tribal chieftain used to be carried by his men after a successful hunt.  

This festival has a number of legendary stories. The story behind this celebration goes like this: Once a group of young people returned from their hunting expedition empty handed. Ins order to cover their embarrassment, the village chief organized a grand feast and the whole village offered its individual share and celebrated it with great enthusiasm. Since then this is celebrated as to mark the fun loving spirit of Mizo society. Though the form of the festival has changed, the spirit of celebrating it remains the same.”

Abhedananda Baidya, SDM, Kanchanpur graced the festival as Chief Guest.  MK Das, Assistant Director, Tourism was the Guest of Honour. Mr Lalmangliana, a local elder was the Kût Pa (Father of the Festival), and  Biakchungnunga, BAC Chairman was Kût Thlengtu (Host of the Festival). 

International Tourism Media 'Lonely Planet' Editor,  Pallavi Pasricha, New Delhi covered the entire proceedings and also participated too.

The seccess of the event is lagely credited to the Young Mizo Association (YMA) Tripura Group and  Sajal Debnath, BDO of Jampui Hill RD.  

The Mizo community of Tripura are looking forward to the day when Chapchar Kut is officially recognized as the state holiday