Violence: BJP rebuts allegation of CPM

Published on Sunday, 24 March 2019 22:38
Written by Our Correspondant

Agartala, March 24,2019:  BJP rebutted the allegation  made by CPM on attack over their party workers and candidates. In a statement issued by BJP spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacherjee  today stated that it has been noticed for last few months a shadow alliance has been developed between Congress and CPM.

Although both party tired to keep the understanding a secret but workers of BJP came to  know about it that both opposition parties will try to create law and order problem ahead of election. First incident happened today morning  at Gandhi Gram Bazaar. CPM leader Pabitra Kar along with some anti social elements went there to reopen a closed party  office.The local after seeing it informed the police. BJP workers also went to the scene. Some anti social elements of CPM attacked the BJP workers leaving two injured.

The second incident happened at Majlishpur where local BJP workers got information that some anti social elements are in the convoy of Left Front candidate Sankar Prasad Datta and Manik Dey. They tried to stop the convoy but failed and went towards Khumulwng.  

The third incident happened at  Bisramganj Bazaar. While Sankar Prasad Datta was addressing street corner meeting some anti social elements in the meeting attacked BJP workers in the market injuring three of them.

The news of attack on BJP workers spread all over entire Bishal sub division. Agitated workers stopped the convoy of Sankar Prasad Datta at Bishalghar.  In the convoy Bhanu Lal Saha, MLA was also present. After searching the vehicles large number of  iron rods and sharp cutting weapons was recovered.

BJP spokeperson stated separate cases have registered in various police stations. And from this incidents its clear that both Congress and CPM wants to create terror in the minds of people. BJP state committee thinks the people of the state will aware about the shadow alliance of Congress and CPM, they will be given a befitting reply in the ensuing Lok Sabha election.