06 - 07 - 2020

Inability to pay charges, patient dies after denied urgent surgery

Agartala, Sept 9,2019:In a tragic incident a senior citizen Paresh Modak breathed his last after being denied urgent surgery for serious injuries because of  his family's poor economic condition unable  to pay the official surgery charge of Rs10,000. According to report, the patient was turned back from the door of the operation theatre due to non-payment of dues and later died in the evening. 

Sources in GBP hospital said, the deceased Paresh Modak , had sustained a serious heads injury in Lal Bahadur Chaumuhuni , and was rushed to the trauma centre of GBP hospital on last Thursday. The doctors examined him and prescribed an emergency operation on Friday. Accordingly, the impoverished family took Paresh Modak to the operation theatre in the morning but was asked to produce receipt of payment of Rs 10,000 as operation charge. Since the family is too poor to pay the hefty fees they expressed their inability and were turned back from the door of the operation theatre.

However, some journalist present in GBP tried to collect money as donation from the people but failed to put together the entire amount and took Paresh Modak back home, who breathed his last in the evening of Friday.Later Speaking to media persons the authority in the GBP hospital said that they had only complied with the latest order on fee structure issued by the government.  

The opposition CPI (M) and Congress have strongly protested such 'cruel and callous treatment of a poor patient ' by the GBP hospital authority by order of the state government . They demanded payment of compensation to the family and a government job and revocation of the health department's notification on chargeable service in all government run hospitals.