03 - 06 - 2020

More than 50 injured, 12 admitted in hospital due attack of bees

Agartala, Nov 23, 2019: A swarm of bees attacked that Banabithi Park at Khowai on Saturday afternoon, as result at least 60 school students along with some people, who were gathered at the park to celebrate picnic.

Among the injured students and adult persons, 12 persons were shifted to Khowai hospital, later, among them two persons were referred to GB Hospital due to serious injuries.

About 60 students including their parents and teachers gathered at the park for a picnic. During the celebration of picnic, swarm of bees indiscriminately swooped on them. The bees also attacked some local people, who were gathered at the park.

However, hospital sources said that the conditions of the wounded students were not serious and they are all stable condition.