09 - 08 - 2020

Mizos of Jampui hill call for communal harmony and peace

Agartala, April 25,2020: The incident itself and the subsequent turns of events that has been witnessed following the attacks of two Mizoram state IR personnel by a mob of villagers of New Kawnpui (Tripura side of the village) on 18th April 2020 is unfortunate. With mutual cooperation of state administrations and police from both Mizoram and Tripura, three of the alleged culprits have been arrested on 19th April. Whilst more arrests are being anticipated, unfortunately one among the three absconded in the morning of 20th April whilst on police custody. And no further re-arrest has been reported. 

Besides stock staking visits of the spot by governments of Mizoram and Tripura, leaders of the Mizo civil society organisations (CSO) from Mizoram and Tripura like the Young Mizo Association (YMA), the Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) on 20th April visit Zomuantlang (Mizoram side of the village). They held couple of meetings with the local community leaders and government authorities with the noble intention of de-escalating the situation and help with the administrations of both states to ensure all people responsible for the attack on the IR personnel are being brought to the book. 

Coincidentally and unfortunately, on the night of the Mizo CSOs visit, one isolated and unoccupied house of the village was gutted down by fire. The Chakma community alleged the fire was set by the Mizos and made several social media posts of their allegation, both in their personal wall and various Chakma community groups. 

"Anticipating such possibility of unfortunate communalisation of the incident, the following day (19th April) after the mob assault on the two IR personnels, we, leaders of Jampui Hill Mizo Convention rushed to New Kawnpui village in order to assist both the local Chakma and Bru communities and the two state administrations in peaceful solution of the issue. I am really disappointed, as I have mentioned above, several baseless, unfound, and wild allegations are being made, circulated and posted in both social, electronic and print media. My appeal to all is that we, particularly the intellectual community, should refrain from such rumour mongering, and trust and assist the administrations in their duty of settling the issue. We also have the intellectual capacity and moral responsibility to guide our public towards communal harmony and peace by being ourselves becoming living examples", said Dr Zairemthiama Pachuau, General Secretary of Jampui Hill Mizo Convention.