12 - 04 - 2021

Unnatural death of four house wives in the state

Agartala, Jan 5,2020: In last 24 hours, four house wives had unnatural death in different parts of the state. On Monday, Reena Bhil ( 29) of Chandrapur  under P R  police station, Belonia    a house wife found dead on her bed. The brother of the deceased, Ramkrishna Bhil suspects that husband had murdered his sister. After the incident, husband fled away.

On Sunday, another house wife who suffered burnt injuries died in GB hospital. The deceased  is Madhavi Biswas of Joynagar,under West Agartala police station sustained burnt injuries on 28 June last. Ten years back the deceased was married to daily wage earner Prasenjit Banik. An unnatural case  has been  registered.     

Another house wife of Gangacherra village under Kakaraban police station, Udaipur also committed suicide by consuming  phyenle.The deceased was identified as Swapna Sen husband of Narayan Sen. The reason behind committing suicide is reportedly due to domestic violence.

The fourth housewife of ONGC area under police station Amtali also died by  consuming poison. The deceased was Ratna Choudhury her husband was Tapan Chandra Das.