12 - 04 - 2021

Abducted Liton Nath dead, corpse recovered by police

Agartala, Jan 15,2021:  Abducted Liton Nath  ( 40), a small trader,  body was recovered by the police from Damcherra area. He  had been kidnapped by a gang allegedly to be NLFT militants. Liton who is survived by his wife and four children had been kidnapped on November 27 but when the so-called militants realized that they would not get the desired ransom and police dragnet would lead to their arrest killed him and buried him at a desolate placed called Ranibari between Damcherra and Khedacherra. 

The police got this information from the four petty criminals called NLFT militants nabbed from Takarjala. In the course of interrogation the criminals confessed that Liton Nath had been killed shortly after abduction for fear of police and little prospect of getting demanded ransom. The police is heading for Ranipara today to exhume Liton's dead body for post-mortem. There is no relative of Liton to look after his helpless family comprising his wife and four children.