05 - 08 - 2021

Stingy air of corruption : PDS System Shattered.

Santirbazaar , July 4, 2021:A tinge of corruption has been viewed at Subhash colony, Santirbazar subdivision. Corruption of not health funds or charity funds but corruption of the basic necessities of the common man “ The PDS supply”. The commoners of Subhash colony have allegedly reported that the PDS store owned by Kanti Lal Dutta was always a matter of discussion in every house. Kanti Lal has been blamed and suspected for robbing the common man of their food essentials for a long long time. The PDS store owned by Kanti Lal Dutta has recently been locked down.

When pressurised, the sub-divisional Food Management Department have swayed in the spot but they are quite mum when asked or enquired about the details of the incident by the media house. The commoners however raised a plural voice about the corrupting influence of the sub-divisional magistrate over the PDS owner of santirbazar. Pretty sure about the accusations the public have pointed , they are also optimistic that the sub-divisional Food Management Department will soon take this into account and sort out the issue sooner.