05 - 08 - 2021

Devotion defeats the fear of death over the demise of spiritual incarnation , Pagli Mashi.

Agartala, July 04,2021:Devotion is almost like a gust of wind,it can neither be touched nor restricted. Devotion and Love can break barriers and even laws. Secularism in India allows us to follow and preach religion without affecting or hurting others. There are some limitations on everything we do in our lifetime.

 God is omnipresent and can mark him safe even during calamities , wars, epidemics or pandemics. Even after prolonged prayer and mercy Covid 19 and it's horrific blow on India couldn't be dragged down . The endless service of the doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical industry, and all front line workers, it has been possible to bring down the positivity rate. But we are in a Kingdom of fools, almost blindly ignoring the reality, the elections were conducted affecting lakhs and lakhs of people.

Delhi recorded the highest death tolls on April 22,2021. Inspite of such horrific scenes, people in sepahijala district of Tripura, Melaghar swarmed in to bid goodbye and pay tribute to the spiritual mystic popularly known as Pagli Mashi. The lady is supposed to have arrived in Melaghar from Bangladesh yet no one knows either of her nationality or religion.

 She has been credited great power of for-telling future and devotees worship her as an incarnation of goddess Kali. Hundreds of people gather every day to worship her. Wrapped in jute sacks the century old lady breathed her last yesterday at around 1:45 pm . This aroused the devotees with a sense of loneliness of losing the mother figure, a shelter and a protector. The whole state has been deeply shocked at her demise.

 However standing on our own feet in the present covid outbreak situation one cannot figure out the appropriateness of swarming in the temple in a group of thousands. People were excited to pay the demised goddess tribute with flowers, some were seen touching and kissing her feet. It was almost a sarcastic show where thousands of people wearing masks jumped over each other to see the dead. It was as if , Social distancing ,covid protocol never existed .Covid was hugged and welcomed in Melaghar with due importance and honour out of blind devotion. Question arises, what is this blind devotion going to welcome for the state? What is the future of a kingdom where the king is a fool and advised by foolish ministers?

The Chief Minister of the state  Biplab Kumar Deb, who was affected by second mutant of the covid just a few days back , couldn't possibly hold himself aloof from the great devotion and rushed to the temple to pay his tribute to the mysterious lady.  Deb was also accompanied by the empowering women minister of ….. Pratima Bhowmik. Local BJP karyakartas were seen carrying bottles of sanitizers to disinfect the gathering.

It sounds ridiculous but it is true that Khichudi Prasad was also distributed among the devotees and the people who swarmed in to complete the final task of Pagli Mashis burial. The Prasad was distributed late at around 11pm at night during night curfew. Deeply affected by the sudden loss of the spiritual Pagli Mashi, the gatherings will increase further on June 24, Thursday , 2021, on her burial at 10 am in Melaghar. Sadness apart, it is prayed that this blind devotion and foolish act doesn't bring death tolls in the state.