20 - 06 - 2019

Madhabbari incident: Manik challenges Sudip to prove allegation

Agartala, Jan 9,2019: Former Minister Manik Dey denied any involvement in yesterday’s incident at Madhabbari under Jirania police station. Talking to this correspondent  over phone, Dey said, “Health minister Sudip Roy Barman comment is false and unfortunate. How can a senior politician holding a responsible post   of the state can make such wild allegation?”

“I challenge the health minister to prove his allegation and should apologize if he cannot prove the allegations levelled against me” Dey said.

 He further observed, “for last fifteen  days I did not visit Jirania sub division, question does not arise of holding secret meeting yesterday anywhere in Jirania. During the day of incident I was whole day in CITU office here at Agartala”

“All kind of political activity of CPM  has been stopped in entire sub division of Jirania in last ten months. All  CPM party offices here has been closed down,question does not arise of CPM involvement in yesterday’s incident” former minister added.          

 Health minister Sudip Roy Barman yesterday talking to media in GB hospital said  the incident  of Madhabbari   was orchestrated by a former minister and MLA of the area Manik Dey . Barman also claimed  Manik Dey had secret meeting early morning here in Jirania on the day of the incident.  .

BJP party also blamed the opposition CPM for  the Madhavbari incident. BJP chief spokeperson Ashok Sinha  said its  conspiracy of the party which was in power for 25 years, being ousted from power now they are indulging in dirty politics.  

Six people was injured in police firing and lathi charge on violent picketers  at Madhabbari. The picketers were protesting the  citizen amendment bill called by NESO.