26 - 05 - 2019

People have become jobless under BJP – IPFT rule: Manik Sarkar

Dharmanagar, March 10, 2019: Opposition leader Manik Sarkar said present condition of the state is same as it was  40 -45 years back during the rule of  former chief minister   Sachin Singh and Sukhomoy Sengupta. During their rule the life of people was miserable no work and  no food, there was poverty and hunger across the state.  He was addressing in remembrance programme of veteran CPM leader and  former minister Subodh Das  on Sunday  at Vivekananda Bhawan. The CPM leader passed away on February24 last.  

He said, the same condition is now repeated in the rule of BJP – IPFT government one year rule. The worst affected are the tribal areas, everywhere there are starvation. People are now moving to other states in search of works.                       

Sarkar alleged that employment generation under MGNREGA has stopped, rural people were jobless and people’s democratic rights were attacked under 12 months of BJP-IPFT rule.
What is happening in the state was not supposed to take place keeping in mind of the vision document.

 The BJP had promised to bring HIRA (Highway/Internet/ Road/ Airway) for the state, instead the people have become jobless and are terrified of the ruling party supporters, he said.
No promise made in the vision document has been fulfilled yet, he claimed.
Sarkar said the Left Front had promised to play a constructive opposition role inside and outside the Assembly.
“If the government does good work, we will support but the Left Front will oppose if it deviates from right path. If democracy is attacked, we can’t remain quiet. We will hit the street for the cause of the people,” he added.