20 - 07 - 2019

Jampui Hill : Sabual village thirsting for water and health care services

Agartala, April 4,2019:In the midst of early arrival of rainstorm, hailstorm and the thundering sound of the visit of the Deputy Chief Minister in Jampui Hill during 2-3 April, villagers of Sabual, one of the southern villages of Jampui Hill range, are in desperate cry for adequate supply of water and for optimum functioning of services of the village PHC. 

The existing water supply system, one village leader informed tripuravision.com, has become almost defunct due to poor maintenance by the concerned department, and also due to reduction in the amount of water from the source. They have been asking the government for upgradation of the project but to no avail, he alleged. Now villagers, including underaged children and older folks, have to resort to fetching water in a far off down streams. 

"It's like we are living with a time bomb" one of the youths told of the potential outbreak of waterborne diseases due to the consumption from unsafe water sources. What makes matter worse is the fact that the newly inaugurated Sabual PHC has not yet given out its services due to lack of water supply to the hospital, inadequate staffing, most critically non availability of doctor. "Because of this, we definitely are not prepared for outbreak of water borne diseases, let alone seek medical services for other routine ailments.

Water shortage is not confined to Sabual village alone, but affects the whole Jampui Hill. Each village in the hill range, despite having each own small water project, still needs more litres of water per person per day to suffice their requirements. And the people of the Hill are only hopeful that the visit of the Deputy Chief Minister will address their urgent basic needs of water and health care services.