27 - 11 - 2020

Food dept achieves target of procuring rabi paddy

 Agartala, July,10,2019: After successful procurement of Kharif Monsoon Season ( KMS) paddy at minimum support price ( MSP) by state government on trial basis, the state government has already achieved the target of 10,000 MT of procuring  Rabi Monsoon Season ( RMS) paddy.

Sources in food department said the target for procuring RMS paddy was 10,000 MT from twenty two primary procurement centre ( PPC).  However, the target was fulfilled after procuring paddy from twelve PPC and more ten PPC is left from where procurement of paddy has to be done. The food department target is to procure more 10,000 MT from the remaining PPC.

An official in food department said before starting the procurement of RMS paddy, agriculture department assessment was the production of Rabi in the state is much less than Kharif production. The Rabi production in state is maximum 12,000 MT. But when the procurement started assessment gone wrong, the Rabi production was double this season. So the food department decided to double the procurement RMS paddy.

The official said after successful procurement of KMS paddy, farmers seems to be  happy. As they are getting good market price of their crops after harvest.

Its mentionable here that BJP ruled government after coming to power took a historic decision of procuring paddy at MSP rate. As promised by the government state-owned Food Corporation  started rice procurement  from December last. The MSP fixed by the Centre is Rs 17.50 per kg rice, whereas in open market was sold at Rs 12 per kg.

Besides for interest of farmers, state government  is spending additional Rs 2.25 crore for milling of 10,000 MT paddy, said the official adding due to procurement process it had generated employment.  After milling the rice is sold through public distribution system.