Bru agitation intensifies over report of two death, section 144 imposed

Published on Saturday, 02 November 2019 17:18
Written by Our Correspondant
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Agartala, Nov 02,2019: After the reported  death of elderly man and a child in makeshift camp, protest  movement of displaced Reang has further  intensified.The displaced Reang leaders claimed that they have died due to hunger as the government has stopped supply of ration among the refugees. The government sources have confirmed the deaths but yet to find out the real cause.

The agitation was further intensified with the death reports as the refugee leaders are spreading the message and saying more such death may occur if the government does not initiate supply of rations immediately. 

 An attempt is also there to give the agitation violent turn as the leaders are delivering infuriating speeches before the gatherings. Based on such reports the administration also geared up and as a preventive measure has imposed sec 144 in the 200 meter surroundings of the Ananda Bazar Food godown.