18 - 02 - 2020

Pradyot meets displaced Bru at Kanchanpur , promises land for settlement in Tripura

Agartala, Nov06, 2019: Pradyot Kishore Debbarma declared he would provide land with pattas to the displaced Bru people if Mizoram and Tripura government fails to accommodate them.

Pradyot on Wednesday visited Kanchanpur where Bru where agitating for six days.Addressing the agitators he said, “ "This is your own place. No one could push all of you to Mizoram because Maharaja Pradyot Kishore is with you. Once you had to uproot for the sake of Dumbur hydro electric project and settled in Mizoram. Once again you people are facing the same fate. I am with all of you. If situation arises, I will give land settlement of Bru people",

 "If the state government can plan to provide over 2000 acres of land for raising a BSF firing range at Kanchanpur, why Reang, one of the indigenous tribes will not get land for settlement? This will be injustice to our own people", he said.

Debbarma said he would file a writ petition to the High Court for stoppage of free ration to the Bru people living in six relief camps. "Under Article 21, no one is denied of food or ration. If happens, it will be human right violation and I will surely knock the door for the Bru people", he said giving a new twist to the ongoing impasse over repatriation o displacedf Reang's." 

In his emotional speech, Pradyot also mentioned his stand for the cause of indigenous people. "I have quit my party and post just only because that I could not betray my own people (dafa). I will be with you in the hours of problem", he added.  

 Animesh Debbarma, Patal Kannya Jamatia and Ananta Debbarma were remained present there.