29 - 01 - 2020

Badal Choudhury sent to judicial custody till Nov 11

Agartala, Nov 08, 2019: Badal Choudhury, former PWD minister and incumbent deputy leader of the opposition was sent to three days jail custody till 11th November despite prosecution's strong plea for remanding him to police custody .Earlier in the day Choudhury as released from GBP hospital around 12-00 in thenoon and police took him in court at 3-30 PM under strong security cover. 

According to allegations made by Choudhury's lawyer Arindam Bhattacharjee and Purushottam Roy Barman , police had forced Badal Choudhury to walk the distance from court lock-up to the innerside of the court despite medical advice against this. He said that Chaudhury had been released on wheel chair as he was unable to walk but within the court premise police had  not made available wheel chair facility and made him walk the distance  up to the district and session  court . The copy of the discharge certificate from hospital had not also been made available to the defence lawyers .

Signficantly, even within the court Badal Choudhury himself opposed his police remand on the ground that a section of police and civil officers including OSD Sanjay Misra had been conspiring to ‘ kill him”. His lawyers declared their readiness for jail custody where their client could put up comfortably with medical facilities and physiotherapy as required by his health and prescribed by doctors. 

There were protracted arguments over the case between the defence and prosecution with the former pressing for jail custody in view of Choudhury’s health and need for medical care and the prosecution insisting on police remand for interrogation . It was also pointed that Badal Choudhury had recently suffered a brain stroke which partially retarded his memory and the need for regular physiotherapy. The defence also pointed out the 'inhuman treatment' meted out to the former PWD minister including police failure to make available  necessary medical papers. The district and session judge Sabyasachi Dutta-Purkayastha agreed to look into the matter and pass and interim order later. 

Finally hearing both sides the district judge ordered a three days jail custody till 11th November  including provision for his treatment and physiotherapy for a localized paralysis of parts of his right hand. The defence lawyer Arindam Bhattacharjee said that their client is always ready to co-operate in the investigation provided is health conditions permits this.