Manik Sarkar convoy stopped allegedly by BJP miscreants at Dhanpur

Published on Thursday, 14 November 2019 17:39
Written by Our Correspondant
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Agartala, Nov 14, 2019:  Yet again,  leader of the opposition of Tripura Legislative assembly  and CPM politiburo member Manik Sarkar convoy was stopped in Dhanpur, under Sepahijala district allegedly by miscreants of  ruling BJP.

Informing about the incident, CPM state secretary Gautam Das said, “ Manik Sarkar was leading a team CPM  MLA’s to Machimaa which falls under the constituency of Dhanpur from where Manik Sarkar got elected for last five terms.  They were going to visit the party office was burnt down few days back by  miscreants of BJP.”

“The visit of Manik Sarkar was informed  DGP of state police and concerned district officers. They asked to make  required security arrangement. As per  schedule programme Manik Sarkar convoy was heading towards Machimaa. But there convoy was stopped at Dhanpur by some miscreants of BJP led by  Biswajit Bhowmik, brother of  Pratima Bhowmik, MP of Lok Sabha from West Tripura assembly constituency” informed Das.

The CPM state secretary claimed  Biswajit Bhowmik, brother of MP is notorious miscreant of BJP in Sepahijala district.  Earlier also, several times Biswajit Bhowmik carried such kind of attacks on opposition MLA’s and leader. Critizing the state police DGP for not making  elaborate security arrangement, Das said  even after informing in writing of Manik Sarkar visit in Dhanpur, his assembly constituency no security arrangement was made.

Das informed earlier on several occasion opposition leader and MLA’s was attacked physically by miscreants of BJP but no action was taken by police.

Terming today’s incident on Manik Sarkar as unfortunate and cautioned the ruling BJP by violence and threatening they cannot suppress the voice of common people.

Its mentionable here that BJP Pratima Bhowmik lost to Manik Sarkar in 2018 assembly election from Dhanpur. Later got elected from West Tripura parliament seat. Oppostion parties  claim she won due to misconducts and large scale rigging on the day of election, April 11. Later, election commission ordered   re -polling  at 168 booths which was largest in last parliament election.