01 - 06 - 2020

Thousands attend Sudip’s rally braving all kinds of odd

Agartala,Jan03,2019:  Braving all kinds of odd, thousands of people today participated  in the non – political rally called by Sudip Roy Barman, BJP MLA.  The rally was called by Sudip Roy Barman to create social awareness and barricade on violence  against women.

Thousands of people attended the rally even according to report received. All  of kinds effort  made BJP and its other wings to thwart today’s fall flat. Even nature seems to be in favour  of   BJP. From morning incessant rain continued in capital Agartala.But people started gathering near Children Park braving cold winter rain.After BMS ( Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangha ) Tripura unit called non –official strike, yesterday thousands of people from remote areas arrived in Agartala and spent night in make shift camp Children Park.    

The  rally started at around 11.45 led by Sudip Roy Barman wearing a placard written “ Where the mind is without fear”  accompanied by Ashish Saha BJP MLA and former health director J K Debbarma. Senior citizens, youths, women walked in the march.

After Sudip announced of organizing such kind of march and rally, his own party did all to thwart the programme. Day before the programme, Mohila Morcha of Tripura unit organized a march and rally condemning the Sudip’s programme. Not only that, BJP workers carried door to door campaign telling people not attend the programme.

The attendance of over ten thousand people  against all kinds of odd in the rally called by Sudip show cased his popularity and among masses is intake.