Tripura CM’s wife security expenditure Rs 1.5 lakh per month

Published on Tuesday, 21 January 2020 15:25
Written by Our Correspondant
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Agartala, Jan 21,2020: Niti Deb and Panchali Bhattacherjee - one  wife of Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb and the later, wife of former  and incumbent opposition leader Manik Sarkar.  Both Niti Deb and Panchali Bhattacherjee were central government employee. But there is a major difference between both of them. One likes to stay as common woman, not  taking any kind of  escort  or security financial help  a single Rupee from government when her husband, Manik Sarkar was Chief Minister of the state for twenty years, while the other self  proclaimed eminent social worker of the state spends more than Rs 1 lakh of taxpayer money every month for her personal  security.

The information was stated by Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb himself  in assembly on Monday, the state government spends   Rs 1.5 lakh every month for security and escort purpose of Niti Deb, wife of Chief Minister. He was replying to a question during by opposition bench MLA Bhanu Lal Saha during question hour.

The Chief Minster stated that other than elected representatives and  administrative heads, from 2018 armed security is provided to two person by state police. They are Governor’s wife and Chief Minister’s wife. For their security and escort , every month approximately Rs 1,44,702 spent on each.

On the other hand when Manik Sarkar was Chief Minister, his wife Panchali Bhattacherjee who also noted social worker of the state never took any kind of security or escort.  She only used  rickshaw and auto – rickshaw for her conveyance, not even personal security.

Chief Minster Biplab Kumar Deb in 2018 – 19 financial year  himself travelled 15 times by air to Delhi, this was stated in assembly, in a question raised by opposition MLA Saha. For his travel expense  Rs 4,46, 256 was spent from government coffer.