12 - 04 - 2021

12 hour “Tripura Bandh “ tomorrow, PCC president Pijush Biswas attacked in Bishalgarh

Agartala, January 17, 2021: Tripura Pradesh Congress  has called a twelve hour 'Tripura bandh' on Monday to protest the unprovoked attack on  party president Pijush Kanti Biswas. The  Pradesh Congress president  Pijush Kanti Biswas today morning narrowly escaped with his life after being attacked in an organized manner by a gang of BJP miscreants and mafia elements in Bishalgarh. It was his personal security officers (PSOs) who had moved away Biswas from the spot of attack even as policemen on duty on the spot remained passive observers.

Baptu  Chakraborty senior congress leader of the state said  PCC president Pijush Biswas  had gone to Bishalgarh to attend a pre-scheduled workers meeting of the party. As soon as his vehicle reached Bishalgarh a large gang of armed BJP miscreants encircled his vehicle and attempted to 'murder' him with primitive weapons like clubs, spears, rods etc. "These thugs were in no mood to listen to any plea I was making and ultimately it was my PSOs who removed the president  from the spot with great risk to their lives" said Baptu .

“Tripura urgently needs a new government of democratic,  peace loving and law-abiding people; what we are witnessing in Tripura is nothing but anarchy or 'jungle raj' that needs eradication; if the state president of an all India party can be assaulted in broad daylight like this , no one is safe in Tripura and the people should swing into action to get rid of the anti-people BJP government" said Baptu.

Meanwhile several lawyer organizations have condemned the attack on Pijush Kanti Biswas. The PCC president is also a senior lawyer of High Court.