05 - 08 - 2021

A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. A woman in need of protection is a shame to US!

Agartala, July, 04,2021:Threat to women's safety has been riding randomly all over the country. A woman sexually harassed, attacked or raped is again questioned by the society for her attire, attitude and reason for loitering around late night. These are some of the allegations a victim has to often hear when she pleads for justice against rape.

But what does the society have to say when a daughter is along with her father and mother , returning from a marriage party at 10:30 pm? The girl dressed in Indian salwar and dupatta had nothing to reveal and excite the fellow who had been flesh hungry for a woman. Such a barbaric attack had occured in West KarinaBazar area , where Amit Raha , son of Manik Raha had tried to sexually exploit Nippon Chaudhury's daughter in front of her parents.

 The tensed and angered father tried to stop Amit Raha from pulling his daughter into the dark. The helpless father was attacked with knives and sharp edged tools while the mother was slapped and punched hard. The daughter was sexually assaulted and Amit Raha had torn off her clothes.

Hilly state Tripura, which was once considered the safest of all Indian states in terms of women safety have now turned into a field of sex violence and ground of easy targeted attacks in broad day light and evening.

It is pathetic to further circulate that there has been no protest wherein an innocent girl in company of her parents was targeted for rape. The society which raises question on women's custom and timing of hanging out are surprisingly silent. Does it not appear to be a paradox?