05 - 08 - 2021

Amra Bangali a party of lower strata and deserves no attention: Pradyot Kishore

Agartala, July 14,2021: The Tipra Motha party on Wednesday  held it's party meeting at Agartala. The supremo of the party,  Pradyot Kishore has organised an internal meeting of the party leaders, for planning about the upcoming municipality elections.

Pradyot while talking to media after the meeting said, “ In order to achieve the status of Greater Tipraland they must focus on the various “Tiprasa” areas of Agartala including Krishnanagar, Ramnagar, Abhoynagar and Nandanagar.”

“Tipra Motha will  contest the election for their existence and right over the land of Tripura including Agartala which he claims to be the land of indigenous people, he mentioned.

He cited examples of mis-transformation that had taken place over these years such as the renaming of Astabal ground, the renaming of the palace, the renaming of streets, installing statue’s  and other such things.

The leader of Tipra Motha thus gave a clarion call to all his party workers to come forward and render service for the upcoming municipality Elections .

While a reporter has asked him about a statistical fact given by Amra Bangali party, that the indigenous people account for barely 3% while the Bengalis account for 97% … and so on. Even before the reporter could conclude his question, Pradyot said , “  Amra Bangali is a  party of lower strata and deserves no attention. Any statement given by such an inferior party will be counter answered by any ordinary booth worker of Tipra Motha”.

 While interiorizing Amra Bangali , Pradyot has also stated that for a long span of time the regional party in Tripura had been alienating themselves from the mainstream city politics. However they have planned to jump in the urban politics and this will change the dimensions of politics in Tripura.