05 - 08 - 2021

Forest dept to cut 600 trees for widening Agartala Airport road

Agartala, July 21,2021:  Forests account for over 30 percent of the Earth's land surface. They are major contributors to the food and medicine supply for billions of people worldwide. Yet, satellite images of the earth show that every year, more forest covers disappear due to human activities. Deforestation is a growing global concern. Not only do we lose precious natural resources, but deforestation also contributes to global warming. Deforestation on its own contributes about 15 percent carbon dioxide emissions globally, which is slightly higher than what vehicles and trucks emit. Fewer forests will also mean reduced

The Stat government  undertook drastic measures of chopping down century old trees beside the road that leads to the Agartala Airport from Lichubagan.  A forest official said  more than 600  will be chopped that  stands  besides the  present Airport road. Chopping of trees was necessary to make the road double lane as Agartala Airport will be declared as international airport.    

The mass chopping of large number trees which began from Wednesday morning is certainly an act of fool. Trees which took hundred or more years are shattered down under the so called developmental project of the Government. These trees not only provide shade to the travellers but also maintain ecological balance and combat air pollution. In an era of depleting ozone layer development and Environmental management has to go hand in hand but inorder to build roads the age long trees are mercilessly being chopped down .

 Inspite of chopping down those grand old trees , the government could chalk out a separate process of developing the roadways or lessen the number of trees being chopped. With the development of roads, the present road that leads to the International Airport will be one the busiest street in Agartala. Unfortunately there are no developmental processes undertaken for combating the polluted air . Replantation is however a silly joke, as it takes 50-60 years to turn into a full grown mature tree. Worldwide when eminent environmentalist are perplexed about the declining physical condition of the earth, the step taken by the State Government is not commendable.