25 - 01 - 2021

Former Governor Devanand Konwar passes away

Agartala, April26,2020: Former governor of Tripurapassed away on Saturday morning. He was 77 years old.Devanand Konwar breathed his last at his own residence at Rukminigaon area in Guwahati at around 2.30 am on Saturday after prolonged illness. Governor of Tripura from March 25, 2013 to June 29, 2014. He was governor of Tripura from March 25, 2013 to June 29, 2014.

He had served as the Governor of West Bengal from December 14, 2009 to January 23, 2010, Governor of Bihar from June 29, 2009 to March 21, 2013 and Governor of Tripura from March 25, 2013 to June 29, 2014.

He joined Indian National Congress in 1955 as a student leader and he had been cabinet minister in Hiteswar Saikia-led Assam government in 1991 and Tarun Gogoi-led government in 2001.

He also practised as a lawyer at the Gauhati High Court.

Tripura Governor Ramesh Bias expressed grief over the demise of the veteran politician.

"Saddened to learn about the demise of former Governor of Tripura ,Bihar and  and former Assam Minister Devananda Konwar. My sincere condolences to bereaved family members and well-wishers,"

Teacher attempts to sexual harassment

Agartala, April 25,2020: Serious allegation of sexual harassment has been leveled against a  government school teacher, Dilip Namo of South Mirzapur School in Belonia town. According to police, on Thursday morning  the girl studying in class  nine went for tuition in the  house of the teacher. Wife and daughter of the accused is stationed  outside the state. Its alleged, the teacher tried to harass the girl sexually, however she managed to escape. On Friday, mother of the girl  registered a complain in Belonia women police station. Case was registered against the  teacher  under POSCO Act. The teacher, who happens to be local BJP leader went undercover to evade arrest.             

TCS officer appointed as administrator of GBP hospital

Agartala, April 25,2020: The administrative power of medical superintendent of GBP, main hospital of the has been taken. Now a state civil service officer will look after the administration of GBP. A memorandum in this regard was issued by health secretary yesterday. Subashish Das, joint secretary of health department TCS grade – I officer is appointed as administrator of GBP. After the appointment of civil service officer as administrator, the role of present MS Dr. Ranjit Das has been limited to look after the treatment of patients and academic activities of Agartala Medical College.                


Mizos of Jampui hill call for communal harmony and peace

Agartala, April 25,2020: The incident itself and the subsequent turns of events that has been witnessed following the attacks of two Mizoram state IR personnel by a mob of villagers of New Kawnpui (Tripura side of the village) on 18th April 2020 is unfortunate. With mutual cooperation of state administrations and police from both Mizoram and Tripura, three of the alleged culprits have been arrested on 19th April. Whilst more arrests are being anticipated, unfortunately one among the three absconded in the morning of 20th April whilst on police custody. And no further re-arrest has been reported. 

Besides stock staking visits of the spot by governments of Mizoram and Tripura, leaders of the Mizo civil society organisations (CSO) from Mizoram and Tripura like the Young Mizo Association (YMA), the Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) on 20th April visit Zomuantlang (Mizoram side of the village). They held couple of meetings with the local community leaders and government authorities with the noble intention of de-escalating the situation and help with the administrations of both states to ensure all people responsible for the attack on the IR personnel are being brought to the book. 

Coincidentally and unfortunately, on the night of the Mizo CSOs visit, one isolated and unoccupied house of the village was gutted down by fire. The Chakma community alleged the fire was set by the Mizos and made several social media posts of their allegation, both in their personal wall and various Chakma community groups. 

"Anticipating such possibility of unfortunate communalisation of the incident, the following day (19th April) after the mob assault on the two IR personnels, we, leaders of Jampui Hill Mizo Convention rushed to New Kawnpui village in order to assist both the local Chakma and Bru communities and the two state administrations in peaceful solution of the issue. I am really disappointed, as I have mentioned above, several baseless, unfound, and wild allegations are being made, circulated and posted in both social, electronic and print media. My appeal to all is that we, particularly the intellectual community, should refrain from such rumour mongering, and trust and assist the administrations in their duty of settling the issue. We also have the intellectual capacity and moral responsibility to guide our public towards communal harmony and peace by being ourselves becoming living examples", said Dr Zairemthiama Pachuau, General Secretary of Jampui Hill Mizo Convention.


CPM MLAs donate 25 pc of monthly salary for relief, to continue for 3 months

Agartala, April, 4,2020: To strengthen the fight against the deadly coronavirus,  the opposition CPI(M) MLAs has decided to contribute 25 % of their salaries for next three months to the Chief Minister’s relief fund.

On behalf of opposition eight MLAs, chief whip Tapan Chakraborty accompanied by  MLAs Ratan Bhowmik and Sahid Chowdhury on Friday handed over the amount for one month through cheque to Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar in Agartala and rest eight MLAs, who are out of capital city has also handed over their cheques to their respective sub-divisional magistrates (SDM).

During the meeting with chief secretary, opposition MLAs requested the state government to closely monitor the distribution of free PDS items including rice and pulses. They informed the chief secretary that many poor people, especially from rural areas of the state has mortgaged their ration cards to money Landers. As a result, the genuine poor of the state are being deprived from the free ration system of the government, said CPI (M) MLAs.

They also requested the government to take steps to recover the mortgaged ration cards.

They also said that in hills, plain and urban areas poor people are facing extreme difficulties in collecting essential commodities as they have no money to purchase essential commodities and requested the government that they should consider to give them cash assistance so that these people can purchase essential commodities. MLAs also urged the government to ensure supply of drinking water through tankers, where the people are suffering from scarcity of drinking water.

FIR against AMC commissioner Dr. Sailesh KumarYadav; after heated exchange with two BJP MLAs

Agartala, March 5,2020:  A complaint was registered against Agartala Municipal Commissioner Dr. Sailesh Kumar Yadav, IAS on Wednesday in West Agartala Police station. The FIR was filed by Chandan Naha, an   office bearer of the Agartala Maharajganj Bazar Traders Association. In the FIR,  Naha alleged that the Commissioner of Agartala Municipal Corporation had threatened to shoot him during a deputation in the presence of the Mayor of AMC Dr. Prafullajit Sinha, yesterday afternoon and had behaved rudely with him. 

Ashish Kumar Saha and Ramprasad Pal, the two MLAs of Baradowali and Suryamaninagar assembly constituencies, respectively were present in the heated situation during the deputation. Meanwhile, Naha has filed a FIR with the West Police Station last night. West Police OC Subrata Chakraborty admitted the FIR and said that, police is investigating the entire matter. 

Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) sources said, a delegation of some businessmen from Maharajganj Bazar, accompanied by the two MLAs, had gone  to the deputation with Dr Prafullajit Sinha, the mayor of AMC.  During the deputation one member of the delegation of the businessmen from Maharajganj Bazar raised objection to the large scale eviction drive at the Maharajganj Bazar areas and charged that AMC authority was violating the directives of the High Court in  evicting some traders in Maharajganj market area. During the deputation, the Commissioner declined to comment on the case of directives issued by  the High Court. And said he will not relent on the eviction issue  where the debate began. At that time, Yadav, the commissioner of the council, allegedly became agitated. 

After the deputation was postponed, Chandan Naha, one office bearer of the Maharajganj Market Traders Association, complained that he was suffering from insecurity by the language with which  Municipal  Commissioner Yadav had  threatened him. Moreover, the two BJP MLAs also complained to the media that the Municipal commissioner had behaved badly with the two legislators. About the entire matter, Agartala 'Pura Parishad' Mayor Dr  Prafuljit Sinha commented in front of the media, describing the incident as unpleasant and sad. But as soon as the whole thing came out in public domain  through social media, there was intense reaction in the political and administrative space. 

In the presence of two BJP MLAs in front of a Mayor, the language used during deputation was unwarranted, opined sources privy to knowledge of what happened . Both the MLAs in front of media said that Dr Yadav had called the deputies and threatened to drive them out of the conference hall. But Shailesh Yadav claimed that he had not done any wrong to the MLAs or anyone present at deputation. But the BJP's two MLAs complained that Mr Yadav had left the mayor's room without accepting deputation. 

Both the BJP MLAs complained in front of the media that the Agartala municipal commissioner acted in a very unfriendly manner. They informed the matter to their party president Dr Manik Saha and Assembly Speaker to take necessary action against Dr Yadav.  

 It is reported that after the incident on March 4, afternoon the Agartala Municipal commissioner informed  his Secretary of the Urban Development Office about the whole matter. Secretary of Urban Development  Kiran Gitte, IAS,  reported the matter to the Urban Development Minister and the Chief Minister. So far, the Chief Minister has not reacted to the media in this regard. However, according to a reliable source, the Chief Minister Biplab Deb told  an administrative officer concerned that any officer is supposed to  work for the state as per rule and policy framed by the government. And if he has acted according to law  an officer has nothing to fear.